Well thankfully, you’ll never have to buy a Checker from this accused felon.  All Checker fans have to do, is to check the “For Sale” listings on this very site and Checker Monster begone!

The used car market has been hot for the last year, given the current chip situations impacting new car and truck production.   Due to the difficulty of buying new cars, used cars are moving fast across dealer lots and are being sold for a premium.  Ironically this has clearly not impacted the used Checker market.

Obviously, a Checkers are not a substitute for a new cars, but its still interesting to try to wrap our heads around the current inventory of Checkers currently available on the market.  The ICTA has been tracking Checker sales for over three years and has never seen an inventory this large.

You’ll never have to buy a Checker from the Checker Monster, because there is wide array of Checkers currently available for sale on the ICTA website.  The Checker Monsters Listing on Facebook has not been updated since April and the other competing club currently lists one listing.  Here is a list of over twenty Checker’s for sale on the internet, all can be found on the ICTA website.

The list is all inclusive.  Years range from 1964 to 1982.  All models including Aerobuses. and pricing from $1500.00 to $17500.

1967 Checker Marathon · Sedan – Internet Checker Taxicab Archive (icta.club)

1970 Checker Marathon Sedan – Internet Checker Taxicab Archive (icta.club)

1982 Checker Marathon – Internet Checker Taxicab Archive (icta.club)

Rocket Surgery 1978 Checker Marathon, lots of spares, Denver CO, $5000 – Internet Checker Taxicab Archive (icta.club)

1972 Harlequin Aerobus Available. – Internet Checker Taxicab Archive (icta.club)

1975 Checker Marathon A11 – Internet Checker Taxicab Archive (icta.club)

1977 Checker Marathon A12E – Internet Checker Taxicab Archive (icta.club)

(2) Marketplace – 1968 Checker Cab Taxi | Facebook

(2) Marketplace – 1965 Checker Aerobus | Facebook

(2) Marketplace – 1969 Checker Marathon | Facebook


(2) Marketplace – 1965 Checker Marathon | Facebook

(2) Marketplace – 1964 Chevrolet Classic | Facebook

(2) Marketplace – 1978 Chevrolet Caprice · Sedan 4D | Facebook

(2) Marketplace – 1982 Other Other | Facebook

(2) Marketplace – 1978 checker marathon | Facebook

(2) Marketplace – 1966 Checkered cab Marathon | Facebook

1979 Checker Cab For Sale in CA. – Internet Checker Taxicab Archive (icta.club)

(2) Marketplace – For sale my 1975 checker im 2nd owner im taking my best offer to june 31 itd california car. No rust | Facebook

1982 Checker Marathon For Sale | Gateway Classic Cars | 31227


1978 Checker Marathon for Sale | ClassicCars.com | CC-1212755