It looks like the ICTA members on the other side of the ocean are having a lot of fun with their Checkers.   The header shot depicts Ray Tomkinson’s activities this weekend..  According to Ray “600 mile round trip between these two Checkers. Coast to coast Liverpool to Hull. Return. For this Happy couple”

Not to be outdone Stephen Disbrow posted the following “Weather isn’t perfect but having a great day at the NSRA supernationals, a huge event attracting classic cars from all over Europe and it’s less than 5 miles from my house!”

Last week Peter Oliver took his former Fort Cab to Disney World Paris!  More to follow.  Chris Monier just bought a Checker from Arizona collecgor Bob Kerkle.  According to Chris “I plan to drive my new Checker ( 1975 A11) from Phoenix to NYC around mid September to mid October.  I can only take 10 days off to do that  anyone lives near that road… highway 40 west I guess? I would love to meet I. person some of you guys !( I plan to sleep in motels so don’t worry… I won’t crash on your sofa 😂)   We can share a drink and a Checker tale , that would be fantastic !
Looking forward to hearing from you”

Chris has plenty of offers for meet ups.  Once Chris lands his Checker in France, we hope to see it next year at Pete Oliver’s Checker show!

Funny how Checkers bring people together.

Peter at Disney World!


Chris Monier’s Checker will soon travel to France!