Just a quick update on the restoration of the Checker A3 Taxicab.  The folks at Lee’s Upholstery Shop in Toledo finished the job and the results look great.  This was effectively the last job that the shop performed,  ending a long run as Toledo’s top upholstery shop.  They have now started the process of closing down permanently and retiring.  Best of luck to the whole crew.

Both front and rear seats were reupholstered,  but there is still more work that required before installation. The photos below represent a mocking up exercise to make sure everything fits.  The front bucket seat will need to be reassembled and the adjusting mechanism will need to be put back into working order.  The various fittings will be refinished and mounted back on the chair (note the photo below and the levers on the seat).

The car is shaping up, we still need to address the driver side door lock.  It’s been disassembled, and the locking mechanism has been put back in working order, but this writer is having a hard time getting the spring mechanism to work for the door latch, may need to take it to a professional.  Once done, it will be time to get the six cylinder running and to install a new clutch.

Will keep you posted as more progress is made on this rare beast.  Perhaps the longest restoration project this writer has ever performed,  it will be completed very soon.