The Checker association reported on Monday that it had completed its multi-year project and restored the Checker A2 tire model in 1948.  The rare car will be presented for the first time at the Lahti Classic Motor Show on May 6-7. May.

This is, according to the bulletin, “reportedly the only restored Checker A2 in the world”. Checker cars were manufactured by the American Checker Motor Corporation in Michigan, Kalamazo, between 1922-82. Cars were made especially for taxi cabs in large cities. Small cars were manufactured, only about 5,000 of the A2 models. The organization recalls in its announcement that the Checkers’ entry into Finland originated when Helsinki Mayor Erik von Frenckell and Minister Onni Hiltunen noticed that the 1952 Olympic Games approaching the country’s taxi fleet was in poor condition.

Shipping to Finland!

To make it easier to get rid of the taxi, it was decided to buy Checker taxi cars from the United States. This was the cause of the Autoilijain Hankinta Oy, founded by the Professional Association, which sent a delegation to the United States to choose vehicles to be imported into Finland. The intention was initially to buy newer A4 models, but due to the smallness of the exchange rate, it came to the older A2 models. Thus, the delegation bought some 500 Checker A2 cars removed from the 1946-49 model. The cars were brought to Finland in 1951-52.

However, the ship trip was a fatal event for the Checkers. The extra loads and unloadings made during the shipment and the damage caused by sea-going ruined a large part of the cars. Nevertheless, during the 1950s and 1960s, Checkeri was drove through the finals in various parts of Finland. There are no more cars left in these cars. There are two individuals in hand, one of which is Checker’s Restored Checker and another checker’s Hannu Kyttä’s Checker. Both cars are seen at the Classic Motorshow at the Checker Association. In 2009, a Checker Association was set up, which aims to engage in the Checker branded cars and to store the related tradition and knowledge. Special interest in the association’s operations is Checker A2, so-called Olympia-Checker, and the association took the goal of restoring one to the post-bishop for retention.

The renovation work started in spring 2009 and is completed in spring 2017. The announcement says that the redevelopment of a rare car has not been an easy process since many parts have to be made from the very beginning. The restoration work has been done, but the members of the association have done a great deal with their own hands. After his demonstration in Classic Motorshow, the car will move to Salo, Lahnajärvi, where the Checker Museum opens in May. Next winter the car is on display at Mobili.