I think the time has come for me to sell and pass both of my checkers (a green 1973 and a blue 1970) on to someone with more time. I don’t have the time or money at this point to continue to work on them and need to get a newer daily driver. The 1973 was a daily until it dropped a valve (or wiped a cam lobe, not sure – but it’s going to require pulling a head at minimum) and the 70 was driving until a front end collision. I don’t have the time or effort needed to work on getting both of them back on the road. Both have a SBC 350 with automatic transmissions (the 73 has a TH400, the 70 has a BW 12). Between the two, you’ve got a nice Checker (though I’d really rather see them both stay whole).

I’d much prefer to sell to someone familiar with Checkers and I’m willing to take a significant loss if I know they’ll be restored/fixed and put back on the road.  I have a set of NOS rocker panels, a NOS drivers side rear quarter, a spare deck lid. I can send more photos of either one.

The 73 needs the seats redone. It’s got what’s probably an early/mid-80’s Earl Scheib paint job. It’s flaking in places. Rust under the rear tail panel (the rear splash pan is remove). I’ve already rebuilt the entire passengers side rear inner – was working my way around to the back but haven’t had time to continue. Drivers side inner is good. Some bubbling in the door corners and a failing bondo spot on the passenger rear door. Front of the hood has the typical rust. Frame is pretty good – does have one small plate patch on the pass side but it seems strong.

The 70 has front end damage. The interior is great. The exterior paint is pretty poor – it’s a 20fter or worse. With the hood gone, the only bondo I really know of now is the rockers and I’ve got a new set of those. The paint is bubbling in places, looks to be poor surface prep for the most part. Frame is decent – the cross member under the motor mounts has been braced with angle iron and the front suspension member has a nice dent from what I’m assuming is a curb. Once the grill and bumper come in, it shouldn’t need more parts to get it back together. The transmission is leaking pretty heavily from what seems to be the seal on the yoke. The 350 (smog era, so weak) ran fine.

Any serious buyers, contact me and I can email some more photos and information. I’d like to get $7000 for the pair – possibly open to trades, but I don’t have time or effort necessary for projects. Clean NC titles for both.

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