This blog might be stating the obvious, but it’s time to have fun with your Checker! Take them out and get them into the public eye! Drive them, show them and photograph them.

If your Checker is inoperable, take a picture and post it on Facebook, thousands of people will see it. Not just on the ICTA Facebook page, but on your Facebook wall so your friends can see it too. Another option is to post into other Facebook groups. It’s amazing how many people are not aware of Checkers. Put your Checker out for the world to see.

This past week ICTA members were having fun with their Checkers out for the world to see. Bill Crawford probably has more fun than most Checker fans! He’s always out there promoting the Checker experience. Looks what Bill did this past weekend!  According to Bill ”

“Another sunny Saturday car Show in Auburn WA.  This show was a blast with all the pin up girls, more Checkerside Chat

UK ICTA member Ray Tomkinson posted his Checker fleet, heading out for action

Stephen Disbrowe posted his Checker out for the night with its new top light billboard


This writer took his Checker A4 out for a photo session while exploring the mean streets of Toledo, Ohio.

These are just four examples of the phone ICTA members had this weekend. It’s a Tuesday night start planning for this weekend and show your Checker!