It’s that time of year again.  Christmas?  No, time to start bashing the ICTA just ahead of the CCCofA membership dues cycle.

Yes, the CCCofA charges $25.00 for annual membership, and what do you get for that membership?  Not sure?  Most of the CCCofA club activities are now on their free Facebook Checker World page and it’s been years since they mailed out four quarterly newsletters  So why pay?

The CCCofA leadership team has to ask that question every year.  The solution as usual, which started back on Thanksgiving day 2015 with a George Lazslo rant, is to bash the ICTA (formerly the Checker Cab Club) and now it seems to be a seasonal tradition.

As expected 2021 is no different and the bashing has already started.  It’s so sad, this year the CCCofA leadership is perpetuating the typical lie, that the ICTA does not accept CCCofA members.  Great tactic, if you’re trying to generate dues,  promote the idea that the ICTA does not accept CCCofA members.

As most are aware, the ICTA is still a free club, and we promote a significant amount of member based activities for all Checker fans.  Facebook,  Youtube, the bi-monthly electronic mailing and of course shows organized by the ICTA are just a few ways one can enjoy the ICTA Checker experience.

Hundreds of ICTA Facebook members are also members of Facebook Checker World.  The majority of the ICTA electronic mailing list is made up of CCCofA members, including CCCofA leadership. And as demonstrated in the pictures within this blog,  CCCofA members/leaders participate in show organized by the ICTA and videos that we produce.

Perhaps the most satisfying way to participate in the Checker Cab hobby, is to view this very website.  Tens of thousands of Checker related documents are available free to any Checker fan.  CMC documents, the ICTA Newsletters and of course our regular blogs.  Ironically the CCCofA has not generated a blog in over three years!



CCCofA Board Members at the ICTA tent. Show organized by ICTA members Bruce Uhrich, Christian Hutter and Joe Fay

Please CCCofA,  move on, adhere to our agreement and focus on creating and excellent Checker experience.

With repect to the CCCofA Presidents comments.  Its unfortunate that you do not seem to know the whole story.  There is a court order that you probably should read.  Further voloations of that order may result in the end of your club.

With respect to Mr. Garrison’s comment.  If Garrison does not allow negative posts on the Checker World Facebook page,  why has this post been conviently left up on Facebook for all CCCofA members to see?  More passive/aggressive BS from the Master.

Significant funds were expended in the litigation of 2017, failure to adhere to the terms will surely be costly for the CCCofA.

One last point.  Isn’t it ironic that the CCCofA and it’s leaders,  that tried to shut down via a Federal Court Injunction in 2017 are now complaining that the ICTA rules should be more inclusive?  We must be doing something right?