This quick blog is being presented to showcase this writer’s Checker Cabs.  A collection of three vintage Checkers and one parts car, two to these cars will soon be transferred to a new owner.

To say the Checker Cab hobby has been challenging would be an understatement.  That said,  many friends have been made over the last 22 years of Checker collecting, this writer wants to specifically thank a number of people who have helped out with the restorations of all these fine cars.

A big thank you to Ben Merkel and the late Dan Smith.   Another big thank you goes to Tom Quinn of Ogden Motors Cars and the entire service crew for all of their mechanical help and know-how.  Both the A3 and A4 could never have been restored without significant help from The Finland Checker Guys!  A big thank you to Hannu Kyttänen, Sami Lassila and Mika Metsapelto sourcing rare Checker A2 parts from the retired Chicago Checker Cab fleet in Finland.  Also thanks go out to Mark Bedore for building a wooden seat frame for the Checker A3. Mark was able to build a complete new wooden frame with based on a pile of splinters, broken and rotted wood parts.

Thanks to Mike Riley for sourcing the 1952 Checker parts A4.  This car has provided a wealth of parts needed for restoring both the A3 and A4.  A big thinks to Finishing Touch in Chicago.  They are perhaps the finest chrome shop in the country.  The work on the A4 bumpers was astounding.

This video caps off 22 years of Checker Cab collecting and restoration.  I am very proud of the results, having refurbished a total of five Checkers.

Here’s a brief video, please enjoy the fleet.