The latest edition of FARES has been posted in the ICTA Facebook group files section.  Additionally, a copy has been emailed to over 300 Checker fans!   Free of charge, feel free to print this Newsletter and place in your own binder. Please forward to all your Checker friends and share the fun.

As always, the Fares newsletter is packed with Checker related content.  Up first we have the story of Mary Ann LaJoie, Checker’s go to model and car show spokeswomen from 1960-1968.

We have three stories pulled directly from the Checker Motors public relations dept. files.  A tall story about 60’s era TV star Herschel Bernardi’s Checker six door Aerobus, The James Bond bullet proof Checker and Checker sales in Ohio.

As usual, this issue will present an update on Chris Markin’s Chicago Checkers dragster.  We also have a great collection of Macungie photos spanning 20 years of shows pulled together by Bruce Urhich.

ICTA members Laddie Vitek and Alex Ginsberg Facebook worlds collide with Laddie’s acquisition a Checker depicted in photos that Alex posted years ago. We’re happy to present the story of the St. Louis LaClede Cab Company.

Also in this issue, the story of the crabby cabby, Ray Kottner and a sample of Checkers used by Whittlesea Cab in Nevada.

Please enjoy issue: volume 6 issue 5.