We lost long time Checker friend Bobby Lowich originally from Brooklyn, New York Bobby passed on Monday. According to Ben Merkel, Bobby entered hospice last week and passed peacefully. Quite a character, Bobby was a hard boiled Checker taxicab driver who toiled in the streets of NYC for over 30 years. The highlight of his career was when he accepted an invitation from Morris Markin for lunch at the Waldorf. A celebrity driver, Bobby was sought out by the movers and shakers of NYC. He was on a first name basis with CBS’s Andy Rooney among others. A funny guy, he always had me in stitches. He was a tough guy, but had been in pretty rough shape after suffering a stroke while pushing his Checker into a gas station during hurricane Sandy. He was a driver right up till the storm using a beat up 82 A11 Checker painted in Chicago colors running a livery service.  RIP Bobby.