A message ICTA member from Daniel Smith:  “It is with a heavy heart I’m posting this. joe Pollard has passed away last weekend, he was a great friend and I will miss him dearly. Please keep Joe’s family in your thoughts. From him joking around to all his help to many of us keeping our cars on the road. He was all around a great guy. “

Clearly the Checker community as a whole has reacted globally. Despite our various differences among the several Checker dedicated groups/clubs, clearly all will miss Joe.  Here are just a few of the comments from ICTA, CCCofA and Leadfoot Facebook members:

Christian Hutter, Joe was a Giant amongst the Checker community. He helped me immensely in restoring my cab. I’ve spoken to him several times and had the pleasure of meeting him back in 2014 at the Brooklyn show. My favorite story was when Joe called me when I happened to be watching a TV show in which he was on (appraising an aerobus). I said to him that he’s talking to me while I’m literally watching him on my TV. He got a laugh out of it. Rest In Peace Joe.

Dick Heidenberger, I own three Checkers and have done business with Joe for 15 years. Sorry to hear this. I’m attempting to join the group and waiting for a positive response.

Dominic Perodeau,  I emigrated from the uk to Canada and had this insane idea of buying a checker cab from Minneapolis- I dragged it home to Tweed Ontario and set about the restoration I spoke with Joe and he helped me find the right parts to complete it, then he got me the Maybeline New York gig in Toronto as Ptop Wrangler – I quit my job and had a total blast for two weeks driving mine and 3 other checkers around Toronto in a convoy with models handing out samples – tourists were trying to get in the cabs we stopped traffic everywhere- Thank you Joe Pollard for being such a great guy

Steve Davis,  Our condolences.

Tim Bowers. I met Joe in the early days of Checker Clubs. He was a great rock and roll drummer who knew a few things about Checkers too. He will be missed.

Stephen Disbrowe,  What shocking and dreadful news. Joe was such an inspiration and wonderful host when Chantal and I visited him a few years back in California. A great guy with an awesome sense of humour. This will leave a big hole in the Checker community. RIP Joe.

Steve Lyons, God bless joe

Mary Ann Skartsianris, God rest his soul

Lola Logan, Joe will be missed by the Logan’s!  He was so much fun

Peter Oliver, Very sad news legend in the Checker world rip Joe

Darla Myers, R.I.P. Joe

Mike-El Bulin, Godspeed

AJ Voiles, Sorry for your loss

Tim Armas, That is really a shame he was such a great guy.

Kaelan Benhamin Bentham, RIP Joe. He did what he loved until the end! He who dies with the most toys wins… he had us all beat!

Robert Ferdon, RIP sir…

Stephen Fiorenzo,  I only had the opportunity to talk with Joe briefly on the phone. But I know through what I have learned in this hobby that Joe was both a friend to all and a huge asset to the Checker community. His expertise and knowlwdge will be greatly missed, his friendship to all will be missed more.

Joe Fay, Joe was a really fun guy who was honest, funny and laughed at those who took life too seriously. He was a big supporter of the ICTA during some difficult times in 2017. A fun guy to hang out with, I vividly remember one night cruising with Joe in Chadsworth. He took me over to Checker Ben Perlin’s house to show me Ben’s Checker fleet. About 10 PM, Ben and his wife were asleep. Joe had me climb over a chain link fence to see the car. The whole time I was thinking we’re going to get shot or arrested! Joe was laughing the entire time.

Mike Laielli. I purchased parts from Joe. Spoke to him on several occasions. He enjoyed educating and just plain talking about Checkers. Hard to get him off of the phone. God bless you Joe! Rest easy!

Dave Manuele, I am so sorry to hear this.

Daniel Ricci, Daniel Ricci RIP Joe. Definitely a big loss.

Michael Pincus, Joe welcomed me to check out his collection years ago when I was on the way to the airport. A kind man who knew so much about Checker.

Bill Beurkens, I’m sorry to hear about Joe passing. I had a feeling and wish I had tried harder to reach him by phone. A quick call would always turn into half hour or hour long conversations.

Will Brandum, I am sorry to hear this. An icon of the Checker community passes.

Jeff Everett, Sorry to hear this! Never met the man but his name was synonymous with hard to find Checker parts! I was looking forward to meeting him. Sorry for your loss!

Rich Garb, I am sorry to hear this news. I just got an email reply from him a few weeks ago. For the past 20 plus years I have spoken to Joe and gotten advice, solutions and parts from him regarding my 73 and 69 Checkers. He would take the time to explain things to me and made sure I was ordering the correct parts. He was always helpful beyond expectations. He will be missed.

James Garrison, Joe Pollard was a true Checker afficionado, a talented musician, and a great guy. He helped so many of us with parts and repair information that we are forever indebted to him. He kept our cars on the road and he made all Checker owners proud. My best memory (among many) of Joe was at the 2004 CCCoA convention in Kalamazoo, where he gave a lecture on parts and repairs for Checkers. It lasted for two hours and he fielded every question offered with knowledge and enthusiasm. He will always be fondly remembered and sadly missed. Rest in Peace.

John Weinhoeft, While I saw Joe at most every convention, I am glad I got to visit his home once after the 2007 convention. And for some of the late night conversations at the conventions. For those who only knew Joe from his Checker involvement, he was also a prominent musician. He was a well respected producer, an exceptional studio drummer (won many awards from his peers), was one of the forces behind the invention of the Syndrum (first electric drum set), and toured in the 60’s with a number of rock bands, including the Beach Boys and the Grass Roots.

Victor Coiro, So sorry to hear. Joe was a wonderful person and great help with our fellow Checker collectors. God Bless him.

Richard Gouin, Joe came down to Huntington Beach to pick up my Checker that was hit by a fallen tree in 1998. It had a nice custom interior and a good motor. He was a nice guy. I gave him the car after insurance totaled it. I liked that he tried to preserve these awesome cars.

Richard Elborough, So sad to hear of Joes passing may he rest in peace! He helped us out with our checker in the Uk many times and I will always be grateful for his knowledge

Jeff Friedman, So sorry to hear about Joe’s passing. He was my first contact into the crazy Checker universe and I will always value his guidance. I never had the pleasure of meeting him in person, but he was great over the phone and email. He will be missed and the automotive world has lost a valuable resource.

Shirah Conard Carey, Thoughts and prayers to the family.

Greg Hall, I met him 20 years ago, He’s a great guy and a great wealth of knowledge, he will be missed,

Romano Cotone, I m so sorry to hear the news. I started dealing with joe in 2003 and im so glad i was able to catch up with him for the short period of time that we did back in July. I thank you for standing in and giving me the chance to talk with him one

Dave Maritch, I’m so sad to hear this. I bought my first Checker from him 3 years ago. Since then he was always my go to guy for any questions. I’ll miss our one minute quick question phone calls that turned into hours of talk about Checkers. He will be missed.

James F. Smith, That is an incredible, painful loss. Thank you, Joe.

Robert Planeta, Joe was always a great source of information to me. He never hesitated to take the time to answer my questions. RIP Joe

Paul Worth, My fondest memory of Joe is him picking me and my wife up early in the morning at our hotel in Calabasas and taking us to breakfast with Blake, then on to Blake’s hangar/warehouse and back to Joe’s place for a test drive of a Checker with a RamJet 350. I was just in the area for some software training and had half a day free but Joe was the perfect host, treating us as if we had crossed the country just to see him.

Chris Richert, Unfortunately I came into the game a little too late to speak with him. But his love of the Checker hobby is nothing short of commendable. May he rest in peace and ride on in comfort for eternity.

Edward Fox, He came to Hershey and really went over my car with a fine tooth comb. He pointed out little oddities that made him think it was a rolling prototype. So knowledgeable and helpful.

Roger Vise, Thanks for letting us know.

Todd Cochran, Great guy and great friend. So sorry to hear this.

Feel free to post within the comments field below and we will add your respects for Joe Pollard.