The biggest challenge of documenting the history of Checker, is trying to think up new articles every couple of weeks.  This writer loves taking the challenge as is demonstrates the ability to be creative and to write something new about an old car that pretty much looked the same for over twenty years.

With that it mind, the blog is being documented to present the “oddball” Checkers, the Checkers that stand out as being different from the rest.  Case in point the Texas Quail Wagon in the header.  Source from the Texas Quail Rigs by A Lokey, this rig built onto of a truck chassis, sports the unique Checker Model A9 grille. It certainly is different, with its canvas top and open seating built on a wood body.

Here are a few more, how about an NYC Checker A11 convertable taxicab?  Oh and its electric!  Little is known about the unit beyond the fact that this was used in a theatrical play on the east coast.

If you like the Checker above, you’ll love this customized Checker Aerobus.  Like the convertible above, again little is known about this vehicle, there were rumors that the car’s builder passes away shortly after completing project, but again, its just a rumor..   The Youtube video demonstrates a significant work was required to remove the top, reinforce the body structure, weld the doors together and craft a custom cowl, windshield  and rear fenders.  Here is the video from 2014.

Transformation of my Checker Limo Aerobus Cab MARATHON – YouTube

The above Checker reminds the writer of a strange factory promotional photo in the archive.  Any ideas what this is?  If so, please share in the comments sections.

Pickup Checkers are always interesting, here is a Checker pickup built after an unfortunate rearend accident.

Here’s another purpose built pickup.  accordning to Ben Merkel “the 67 Checkup was built by Checker dealer Hillis Motors in Portland, OR from a wrecked A12E and they used it to haul motorcycles”.  The current owner is, Frédéric Boulant.  Frédéric has done a great job restoring the pickup back to is glory days.

Never drive drunk, but its ok to have a beer from the Tapped Out Taxi.  A well-known fixture on the Houston entertainment scene, the “Tapp’d out Taxi” has graced every type of event-from black-tie galas down to down-and-dirty tailgate parties. Always a crowd favorite, the car has a complete on-board draft beer dispensing system, which can serve six varieties of keg beer simultaneously. The most visible part of the system are the six professionally installed beer taps incorporated into the car’s trunk lid.

Checker dragsters are certainly oddballs.  Many Checker fans are well familiar with the Checker A11 Taxicab drag car built by Chris Markin some 20 years ago at Checker Motors.  Back in 2004 it was featured in Motor Trend magazines Super Stock Chevy. At the time it was reported that “the Checker does not haul passengers anymore, it just hauls”.

Would you believe that there is another Checker dragster!


How about a Shrinners Checker Clown Car? This Checker has two front clips mated together, making the Checker look like y aits coming and going.  Note the sign in the background “Weird Stuff”……indeed.

Know of another “Odd Ball” Checkers, shoot us a message at the email on top of this blog.

Since this blog was posted, we have heard from other ICTA members. Paul Jasiewicz, sent up this message

Here is one more double ended Checker. It was in San Diego in the early 90’s. Unfortunately, it got T-Boned.”

Thanks Paul,  any other oddballs out there?