Remember the New Checker?  The big news story of 2015.  Checker fans across the world eagerly awaited the new Checker.

Lots of razzle dazzle and hoopty-doo, but by 2017, people started to wonder if the New Checker would ever go into production?

Four years ago it was reported the production was delayed due to the NHTSA not releasing the replica build regulations.  Checker Motor Cars president was quoted in Hemmings Motor News, “”Our challenge is taking a recognized shape and using off-the-shelf components to assemble a finished automobile,”  he further commented “”We’re confident about how we’re going to do it, we’re familiar with the process, we know what parts we’ll need and what features will be built in,” he added  “Waiting for NHTSA is more of a design thing, what we’ll need in the body shell.”

Well, we have some great news!  The NHTSA regulations have been released so clearly production of the new Checker must be imminent.  We’ll keep a look out for any Checker Motor Cars press releases and share information when received.

For more information on the Replica Car vehicle regulations, check out this link to SEMA.

NHTSA Issues Regulation Allowing Replica Car Sales to Begin | Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA)

Most recently Checker Motor Cars was hawking junk bumpers on Facebook for $150 to $250, so it will be a exciting new time as the Haverhill, Mass. based company starts to produce shiny new Checker!  We can’t wait!

Link to Hemmings article

Reborn Checker production expected to begin in 2018 | Hemmings

Link to Checker Motor Cars:  Checker Motor Cars