A big thank you to all the folks who contributed to this Newsletter!  While other Checker clubs continue to struggle appearing  to have financial issues, have not updated their website with any blogs in over two years and have displayed inability to publish quarterly newsletters, we’re happy to report that the ICTA is stronger than ever before.  We have approximately 1000 members on Facebook and 250 members within our electronic email list. We have 535 Youtube followers.
Over the last month our website has consistently received 14,000 views a week. Since its creation, our Youtube channel has received over 200,000 views!
Most importantly our members are active. This Newsletter represents the work of over twenty Checker fans! At 42 pages its our biggest and we are still on schedule to produce two more Newsletters for 2020!
We have consistently presented new Checker content, six issues a year, published on time every two months like clockwork.
The Newsletter will be added to this website later this week.  In the meantime, if you want to read, just check it out in the ICTA Facebook Group.