This website has been running now for about six years, we at the ICTA are very proud of the fact that this site has become the definitive “go to” site for Checker automobile information.  At just shy of 20K internet “hits” a month, no other Checker Cab based website compares.

Our content ranges from Checker history, used car sales, technical information and for Checkers big and small.  Beyond the real world this site has also served the needs of the smaller (less than 1/1) scale Checker enthusiasts.  Case in point, diecast Checkers.

Over the last couple of years, it’s become clear that two major diecast manufacturers (Greenlight & Brekina) have used our ICTA website as a means of sourcing ideas for new diecast Checker issues to market.

Some of our most popular blogs have been used as a source for diecast, case in point our “Checker Police Cars, Just The Facts Ma’am” blog of 2017.

Checker Police Cars, Just The Facts Ma’am – Internet Checker Taxicab Archive (

The original photo was submitted by ICTA member Jenny Reyes back in 2015 via our Facebook group.

Our retired CPD ICTA member: Greg Reynolds submitted this photo to the ICTA Facebook site years ago


Unfortunately, Brekina used a black and white photo from our blog. The real Saugus Police Checker was painted in the 80’s era Boston market navy blue and white scheme. This was a very popular paint scheme in the Boston and Metro West area from late 70’s through the earlier 90’s,

The new Seattle Checker cab introduced by Brekina in 1/87 scales comes from a series of photos found on our website,  “Seattle Classic Cab” blog.  The photos were submitted by ICTA Member Kaela Petkovits the daughter of company founder.

Although the Brekina model was issues as a Checker A11, the uniques paint scheme is clearly modeled after ICTA Douglas Klauck’s Checker Model A8, which can be found in the following blog:

Checker Survivors Part 4 , 1950-1958 – Internet Checker Taxicab Archive (

Our UPS blog written back in 2019, was clearly the inspiration of the recent Greenlight 1/64 Diecast model.

Checker Cab and the UPS Package Car – Internet Checker Taxicab Archive (

This writer has been focused on “Non Yellow”  Checker NYC cabs for a very long time, the blog below was clearly the source from the new Greenlight Checker issue.

You searched for checker green and yellow – Internet Checker Taxicab Archive (


The ICTA has many critics, many claim that the club in not relevent and adds nothing to the hobby.  Well its pretty clear that this little club clearly has impact in the automotive and diecast hobby.