If you’re reading this blog, I am happy to report that you are on the website of the largest fan group dedicated to Checker Cabs in the world!  Not only are we the largest club in the world, but we are the most active.

How can we claim this?  This year alone we have organized three Checker fan events! Our new website www.ICTA.club has more hits daily than any other Checker Cab  fan website in the world, making it the most popular Checker web destination.  Hands down we have the most active Checker Cab fan based group on Facebook

But who are we really?  One number alone does not present who we are and what we’re about.  As of today we have 940 members,  despite recent reports that we removed 50 members, it’s not true and more importantly it’s just another attack from one or our many rivals that have been gunning for us for three years.  Let’s go through the numbers.

For the last 28 days, we have had over 700 active members participate in our group.  What’s an active member?  By Facebook standards it’s a measure of real activity in any Facebook group:  the creation of a post,  the creation of a comment or a click of the “like” button is used to measure active members.  All three of these activities translates to a Facebook “impressions”.

Over the last 28 days we have had over 7000 impressions in the group.  Those impressions were generated by 708 members!  That’s significant, that means 76% of our 940 members have been active in our group for the last 28 days.  No other Checker Cab fan based group on Facebook can make a similar claim.  The newest group would come in with an active members metric of less than 10 on 100 total members, 100 members raided from our group, we should note.

Analysis of 7000 impressions over the last 28 days would yield some interesting facts.

Also interesting is the breakout of age and sex of our members.  One third of our members are under the age of 44!  That’s a very healthy number.  As expected the majority of our members are men,  13% of our members in total are women.



The analysis of member locations is interesting;  clearly the majority of our members are from the US, but you might be surprised to know that 13% of our members are from: The UK, Sweden, Canada and South Africa.


Not surprisingly the 12% of our US members are from metro New York and Chicagoland.  Another large population is from Kalamazoo.  Those numbers make  sense and also support the idea as to where future shows should be,  we have  to go where the fans are based.  It’s hard to expect Checkers to be driving all over the country to areas that do not have a big Checker followings.

We still have the largest document inventory on Facebook, We have hundreds of photo albums set up on Facebook  and over 10,000 photo posts by our members and over 10,000 pages of documents on our web site archive

Those are the metrics, the facts but who are we from a subjective point of view?  We had a very challenging Spring with litigation launched by a rival club.  Difficult as it was, costly as it was, we survived!   We’re still here and based on the activity of the last 28 days, its clear that no one rival club could take us down.

Our members banded together and more importantly helped fund the rebuild of our world class web site post.  Were a generous club, our members also initiated a project to restore a Checker and gift to one of the biggest givers in the club

After unexpected death, club begins Checker restoration for cab driver’s daughter

In the last 28 days our members have been able to work with other legacy Checker owners in order to provide access to free Checkers….how’s that for a discount program.  While others are talking about discount programs, our members negotiate “free” Checker to deserving members.

One of the many Checkers listed for sale in the Facebook group

We have provided a safe place to post and have fun, we challenge anybody to look through the posts of ten years and find one negative post.  We have provided a safe place to be protected by cyber bullies.  Bullies who have no issues slandering our group and it’s admin via other groups or PMs.

Last year we saw several people post questions regarding parts numbers.  Some of those posts were answered within 30 seconds!  We have the largest base of Checker knowledge and fans willing to help than any other club.  We also have the largest parts directory and cross reference lists inventory on Facebook and the internet!

Just a sample of the FREE archive

Do we have rules, yes and they are pretty simple.  Do we “control”? No, we just want to make sure that members play by the rules, remember those rules helped create the greatest Checker Cab fan based experience on Facebook.

After everything we have been through, we also expect some level of exclusivity.  Please remember, over $40,000.00 was spent to save this club.  Thirty members contributed to funds to save our club. We did not save this group so interlopers and opportunists could raid our members,  lift member content or continue to slander us on social media. We certainly did not save this club so ex members could re-litigate the lawsuit on Facebook.   If you want to “hang” with former members, hey have a ball, but don’t be surprised if you’re exited from the group.

The most popular post over the last 28 days with 421 Facebook impressions

Post litigation there has been a lot of talk about re-unification of Checker folks.  We’re all for it, those folks who left our group are more than welcome to come back.  The creation of new groups make no sense, why fragment our small audience?   Exit the smaller groups and come back to the most active Checker group on Facebook.

Our metrics clearly indicate where the actions is on the Checker “impression” front..  If re-unification means leaving our group, that seems to be a little disingenuous. Also beware of groups claiming that they are open, yet they block key members of the ICTA, what are they hiding?    Bottom line, we’re here to stay and have more Checker fun! The CW crowd or Checkerheads are more than welcome to come back.

Oh……………………..and its free to be a member of our club.

If you would like more information about our club, just click to join for free!