That’s right,   while the other Checker club that charges dues of of $25.00 a year for membership, is happy to take members money, apparently they are not too worried about meeting their contractual commitments to their members.
This year, the paid for membership club has only published one newsletter for 2020!  In 2019 the same club only printed three newsletters.!
The  editor posted on Facebook on December 13th “ your editor has been AWOL most of this year”  He further posted “I have a bit of it (the Newsletter) done”,  he further claimed, “I hope to get it to the printer in the next two weeks”.  That’s code for, you’re not getting another Newsletter in 2020.  No apology, just excuses, just one Newsletter for 2020, not four!  Feeling alone?
No worries, the former president of the club chimed in and stated, “We look forward to the CBN whenever you can get around to it”.   Wow, no urgency, no apologies.  Totally amazing, but not surprising given the years of lost memberships.  This writer suspects that the other club does not have the funds to produce and mail four quarterly Newsletters?

The ICTA FARES Newsletter can be downloaded and printed

According to the paid for membership club, the following is what you get for your $25.00 membership fee:
  • Annual Convention and Car Show
  • Quarterly Newsletter (Electronic and/or Hard Copy)
  • Checker Website offering:
    • Latest News
    • Historic information
    • Car Manuals & Repair Instructions
    • Checker Photo Galleries
    • Checker Gift Shop (with member discounts)
    • Links to Checker-related movies & videos
    • Member blog and electronic discussion forum
    • Member directory (not available to the public)
Beyond not meeting expectations regarding Newsletter,  the club had no convention this year and has not updated their website since May of 2018.  The news feature has not been updated since February 2019.  Where this writer comes from, that’s called “Fraud”.  Taking someone’s money and deliberately not delivering on service rendered is theft..
Meanwhile, we at the ICTA are happy to report that we have delivered six Newsletters on time and its free!   Our Newsletters are robust and delivered on time.  We feature Checker history,  Checker show coverage and personality profiles.  We publish current Checker classified ads.  We do it, because we have passion for Checkers.

Once printed the ICTA Newsletters can be bound or place into a binders

We’re proud of the Newsletter and the fact that we can provide the Newsletter to thousands of Checker fans for free.
Downloadable, feel free to download and print a copy on your own printer in the comfort of your home.  No worrying on delivery or damaged packing, its all electronic.
If you would like instructions on how to download and print the ICTA Newsletter, just watch this tutorial on Youtube.
(5) How to Print the ICTA Newsletter – YouTube
For those folk who continue to pay dues to a club that does not deliver, come to the ICTA and enjoy the Checker content rich documents for free.  Our motto is The only Fee is your Friendship.