Front clip destine for Toledo, Ohio

Over the last couple of days, we have been alerting Checker fans to the many parts being pulled by Dan Smith. Dan has done a fantastic job working with a team of Massachusetts locals,  stripping Checkers at 495 Autosalvagers. Parts that are not being sold or shipped immediately will be made available via other means in the near future, we’ll keep the Checker fan base posted.

2017 Checker Motor Cars Facebook post

That said, the other goal of the this weeks activity is to save Checkers for restoration or support of restorations of other Checkers. This blog is just a little update on the cars that have been saved.  First up is the header picture car. Purchased by this writer, the car will be picked up and delivered to Toledo, Ohio this later this week.  Along with the wagon, a Continental engine will be delivered for the 1949 Checker A3 under restoration and an entire Superba front clip and fenders for the Chicago Police car project. We’ll keep you posted on the trip back to Ohio.

Another wagon has been saved, the Metallic Green Checker wagon posted on Checker Motor Cars Facebook page last years has also been saved. The photo from 2017 shows a very nice solid Checker, as with all the cars, once in the hands of Checker Motor Cars, their condition deteriorated, but thanksfully this wagon can be saved.

The Checker wagon that was put up for sale by Checker Motor Cars on September 6th only to be dumped four week later has been saved.  Dented and banged up, now far worse than the condition it was in last September, currently plans are to ship to Tennessee.  Its not clear if it will be restored or parted out, but the good news is that its headed to another ICTA member.

ICTA member Dave Kniffen and his family picked up a very nice Checker A12 sedan. The sedan was delivered last week and is now in Ohio. Later this week a steering column will be sent to Ohio. Maybe we’ll see this one back on the road by next summer.

Dan Smith has also pulled the trigger on a rare Checker A12E Aerobus 15. Produced between 1976 and 1976, only 100 sedan back Aerobuses were produced. It’s great that the guy who pulled off this whole rescue program has actually committed is committed to bringing a souvenir back to Arizona. Currently plans are to ad shag carpeting and a kingsize bed.




V8 Automatic Wagon


heading to Tennessee!


There are still some nice cars to be saved, we’ll keep you posted.

Already delivered to Ohio

Daniel Smiths Aerobus 15


If you want to save a Checker please call Daniel Smith or 495 Autosalvagers directly, don’t let this happen.

Photo by Daniel Smith