Its Spring and we’re ready to get our Checkers out!  Actually some have actually got their Checkers out already,  Recently on another Facebook Checker group, a lot of drama has been posted about our club.  To set the record straight, these people are not real Checker fans, there just posers.

Given the recent drama created by one single voice with no representative support, we at the ICTA thought it would be smart to just to provide a sample of the daily Checker dialog going on, on our drama free site.  So here are a number of post generated since Easter.

Our members are well balanced normal people, we have removed all the misfits. the litigators and malice.  We are happy with the experience created.





Whether its the Markin family, former CMC employees or Don McHenry and his family, the ICTA has significant support.  Our members are top quality Checker fans and we are proud of the Checker experience we have created on the internet.  All of the posts above represent true Checker fans and are clearly supportive of Checker restorations and collection of our favorite car.  Don’t be confused by the litigators or the folks who have been exited from this great experience.

Cover Photo by Emerson Zentz