Recently a critic (Andy Taylor) of the ICTA posted highly defamatory and slanderous accusations on Facebook regarding the ICTA our members and friends .  We feel sorry and forgive them for they are limited in intellect and clearly have psychological issues.  The post has now been removed, but this writer still feels compelled to respond to allegations   The truth is we are the most active Checker Cab fan base club in the world.

Our members are dedicated to the preservation of Checker Cabs.  We promote the accurate telling of Checker Cab history and have provided the largest FREE archive of Checker content  Manuals, Engineering Drawing, Blueprints, Shop Manuals, Production Reports, Shop Bulletins, six Newsletters a year, you get the picture.  Our Facebook page enjoys the participation of real Checker Cab owners and their families.

Additionally,  we have long had the support of the Makin family.  We have been lucky to be the recipient of their generous donations.  We have also been extremely fortunate to be on the receving end of donations made by former Checker Motors Corporation leadership.  Our ICTA members give back too, whether it’s using their Checkers for charity rides or donating funds to worthy Checker projects.  We operate publically and all of our Checker content is presented to help other Checker owners.

Perhaps the most significant aspect of our club are the members themselves.  Normal,  happy individuals and families that just love to have fun with their Checker Cabs.  In this blog, we celebrate these fine people and their spirit of family and hard work keeping their Checkers on the road.  Here is a sample of some of their posts from this week.

Up first ICTA member Adam Burlett.  This week Adam trekked across to county to secure seven Checkers from our Checker friend Dan Smith in Arizona.

Adam posted,  “Loaded over the top. I found out I have a twin brother Daniel Smith. Dan and his orphanage got me adopting,  I’m taking 2 Checkers home with me. And then I will be having 5 more transported by car carrier. Dan’s orphanage is getting smaller everyday.  There still is a handful of decent ones that need fixing. If anyone is interested in getting in on the car hauler discount from Dan’s to Nashville tennessee. The more cars the more reasonable it is. My 5 has it at $1200 per car to transport. Make your deal soon 2nd week in July is the planned time frame.”  This is a perfect example of how Checker friends help each other in the hobby.

Adam is offering up space on a car hauler to help other ICTA members and he’s has saved seven Checkers!  Its important to note that Adam was also one of the Checker fans that saved Checkers in the retired Clearwater Checker Cab fleet in 2019 and the Lawrence, Mass rescue of 2918.  Likewise David Kniffen posted a series of Facebook alerts that documented the creation and application of Checker Board decals.

David posted,  “How to make taxi stripes that are perfect… 1, cut the background of the stripe, 2.5″ wide strips… 2, cut the checkers out of contrasting color 3/4″ squares, 3, weed out the excess to make patters 4, apply checkerboard to base stripe…. “.  David included step by step photos of the process.

More importantly, David provided a follow up, fantastic photos of the results. “Moving right along, tint, taxi stripe, taxi sign, new window cranks and handles… you will be seeing a ton of photos of this beauty in the coming weeks. This 1974 a11 was one of the Ron Hackenburger 700 car collection in Norwalk ohio… I don’t know its history before that but an a11 that was supposedly never a taxi.”.  The entire Kniffen family is a perfect example of the good people of the ICTA.  Helpful,  colaborative  and happy!

Another happy family in the ICTA is Steven and Jennifer Fioenzo.  Fairly new to Checkers,  Steve and Jennifer purchased their Checker from Dan Smith several years ago.  But that is changing now!  No longer newbies, the Fiorenzo’s have recently purchased another  Checker!  Steven posted this week  “The west provides another solid car to the North! See you in Michigan soon!”.  Steve further noted that Checker was found on the ICTA website.

The ICTA website was developed in 2016, its totally free to all Checker fans,  even those  who critized it and the ICTA.  Our listings are researched and presented to help the overall Checker communities.  We charge no fees or commisions, we just want to promote Checkers and see that they all land in good homes.

The results! Photo by David Kniffen

We typically post about 10 to 20 listings a quareter and whenever possible, we will mark known sold units.  Ironically the other Checker club currently has one listing on the site.  It’s not very active.

So for all the Checkerheads who believe our critics,  too bad, you’re missing a great Checker experience.

The latest addition to the Fiorenzo Checker fleet


“Taking us back to my car. Rare times for the kids to get to sit in the jump seats.” Jennifer Fiorenzo


Header Photo by David Kniffen