The A in the ICTA stands for “Archive”.     We’re more than a club of dedicated Checker fans but we are archivists.  Two of our popular members are  Dave and Connie Power, they are long term members and friends of the ICTA.  For those not familiar with the Powers.

Connie is the daughter of Steve Powers long time board member and head of Procurement at Checker.  Connie is a former employee of Checker, having worked their back in the late 70’s and early 80’s.

The ICTA has ell over 10,000 Checker related photos held in the various photo albums inventoried on our page.  As dedicated Checker fans,  the Powers have actively participated in ICTA events and most importantly, they have contributed to the club archive.  We have several albums in our Facebook page with content from the Powers.

Perhaps the most impressive are a series of photos found in a box of Steve Wilson’s former 1967 Checker Marathon. A series of photos from the prewar period.  The collections spans a period of 1930-1960.  Many of the photos have post it notes with reference to Jim Stout comments regarding the pictures.  Jim Stout was a historically significant Checker employee have worked at Checker from 1923-1966.

We typically do not post these rare photos as they tend to get lifted off the internet and find their way to other Facebook group without proper crediting of the contributors or ICTA.  The only way to view most these great photo are to join the ICTA group on Facebook.

For your viewing pleasure we will make exceptions. In this blog we’ll showcase a couple of photos.  Note our header.  You’re looking at a spectacular photo of a mid 30’s Checker Model Y, extended length taxicab with an integrated trunk.  Operated by American Airlines, it appears that the photo was taken at the CCM plant in Kalamazoo.

Down below more rare photos typically not posted on the internet.  If you would like to see more rare Checker photo, it easy, just join the ICTA on Facebook.

Parmelee NYC Model A

From Bruce Uhrich 1950 Checker A4



Chicago Checker Model A4 Taxicab and Trolley