After twenty years of collecting Checker Cabs,  this writer is happy to report that all of the Checker Cabs in the private fleet are now all in one location.  This weekend the last Checker Cab was moved to Toledo, Ohio from Illinois, where it had been stored for close to ten years.

Although, it would be wonderful to restore another rare Checker Cab, this A4, is destined for cannibalization.  The car was significantly destroyed due to 60 years of outdoor storage.  That said, it may be possible to transform the Checker Cab into a conversation piece.  Additionally, many parts can still be salvaged for spares and the restoration of the Checker Cab Model A3.

In the video below, you can view a see the Checker coming out of its 10 year barn storage.  The first plan of attack for this weekend was the transfer of the taxi divider from the Junker to the A3.  The jump seats may find their way into the A3 at a later

Long term, this writer is seriously considering converting the Checker Cab to a cowl/chassis setup.  The engine does not turn, we’ll have to see if its restorable.  In the end, we’ll figure something out.  Maybe a Camper or Woody body could be fabricated.

Also now in Toledo are the Checker Model A8 and  Model A4.  For about five years these car were on display at the National Auto and Truck Museum in Auburn, Indiana.  It’s great to have them all home!