For sale $1,950, or best offer Surge #24 A11 Checker cab, 1977, VIN: A11-2002-74090 Owner/seller: Steven Ginsberg, tel: 319-360-1111, email:  I purchased on eBay in 2006, with odometer reading 46,075. At that time the title listed Coca Cola, St. Louis, MO. Most likely a Fort Leonard Missouri cab prior to Coke’s purchase in 1996 for Surge promotion. Current (Nov 14, 2018) odometer reading is 81,560. Original automatic transmission and unleaded fuel. I only used as private car, driving to work & back, approx. 5 miles a day. Original GM 250 straight 6 cylinder motor and original transmission. I have all receipts for work done. Highlights: Replaced brake hoses in 2006; transmission overhauled in 2011; replaced brakes in 2013; carburetor in 2015; muffler in 2016; and wipers in 2018. Drives & runs great. I’ve never been in an accident in this car. Back jump seats intact & working. Seat belts: two in front; three in back bench. Roof light intact, as original to Surge restoration, but bulb is burned out. All black vinyl seats in good condition and original to Surge restoration. Removed Surge-installed cd player (and front speakers), and installed a 1940’s Rockwell hand-wind meter in its place for kicks. Spare tire in trunk. I often have to jump start during winter as battery doesn’t hold a charge after long rest in the cold. Plenty of rust (see pix). Two holes in the floor at front driver and passenger sides. I’ve placed steel sheeting over both holes and covered by rubber mats (see pix). I purchased as is with dent in passenger front door & fender and no headliner (see pix). Insulation cord lining in doors is coming off. No arm-rests in back seat sidewalls (see pix). All lights and signals work, but the left turn signal does not automatically click-off after turning left, so must manually turn it off. Glove compartment door falls open, so I rigged a hook-closure (see pix). Rear window was broken then replaced (thanks to Joe Pollard!) in 2016. The sticker “224-TAXI” on rear window came with the replacement from Pollard’s stock. Front windshield has very small crack and “foggy” lower corners (see pix).