Free of charge and printable latest issue of the ICTA FARES is up in the ICTA Facebook group.  It will be posted on this website in about a week

So what’s new in this issue? Did you know that in 2019 Checker Cab of Chicago celebrates its 100th birthday? We present full coverage of the company in all its glory.  We have been promoting the Das Awksct car show all year. The event was held and ICTA member made a great showing, a full article can be found in this issue.

Have you ever heard of the Checker Parmelee six door station wagon. More photos have surfaced and we present the ICTA views on the cars. We have even developed an accurate line drawing of the car!  We also present the full story of the Israel Checker diesel program. The cross country Checkers were a familiar site in Israel, as popular as those in NYC.  We also present an interesting story of one of the last working Checkers in New York City.  As always, you’ll also find classified ads for Checkers in this issue. Please enjoy issue: volume 5 issue 4. ICTA Facebook members can get access by clicking on the link below.