Many people involved in the Checker hobby know this car well.  This car sold on Bring A Trailer for well over 30K several years ago.  See the original blog and ad below.  Link provided by ICTA member Adam Burlett.

Well now its for sale on Kloompy for a low price of 13K! We suspect that this is a scam.  The seller has responded to several interested parties with the following sob story.  Submitted by ICTA member Jennifer Fiorenzo.

“Hi, this is Marlene! Thanks for contacting and glad to see you’re interested. It’s in great condition as you can see, has no issues mechanically, electrically or any other to be noted. No accidents, no rust or leaks, straight body. It was my husband’s baby “Life is too short to drive a boring vehicle” he always said, but he passed away earlier this year and being in a difficult situation I’m forced to sell it. Also, I recently moved to my late parents’ house in Iowa cause I had a thyroidectomy and need rest managing the recovery. Considering the circumstances, I made arrangements with a shipping company to help me with payment and delivery as I’m unable to. It’s already in their possession all prepped & ready for delivery which is free. Price is $13,500 no other fees involved.

For more details please reply with your name, phone, zip & address so I can provide it to the shipping guys and they will contact you, so you’ll be able to talk to them directly. They will also provide the legal contract between me and them to show authenticity & delivery are guaranteed.

I look forward to your reply soon and I sincerely appreciate in advance your patience!

Thanks and God bless you!”

According to Jennifer  “Here is the response I got from “Marlene” when I asked for more information about her “shipping company”.

Thanks so much for getting back to me, I really appreciate it. I already told you it is located at the shipping company here in Iowa ready for delivery. I’m really sorry if this doesn’t work for you. Again, I was very honest about my current situation and about the deal to be handled by the shipping company. The company offers 5 days for inspection period from the moment you receive it at your location. During this time you can check it with your mechanic or do whatever you want. If by any reason doesn’t pass your testing period the company will refund your money and the shipping back will be my concern, but I assure you it won’t be the case.

Unfortunately, even if there is this possibility to come now it is almost impossible because of the events generated by the Coronavirus! No problem if you don’t want to buy online, I’ll try to find another buyer because we don’t have more time because of the virus!

I have a lot of offers – I just wait for a final decision from many buyers. I’ll take the best and fastest offer. So if you agree, please email me the buyer’s info: full name, address, and phone. I’ll get things starting and the shipping company will guide you through the process – tomorrow morning.



Clearly this is a con,  send Marlene money, then contact the shipping company.  According to Marlene no problem the car will be shipped immediately and the shipping company will refund if you’re not happy.

Marlene uses classic Con Man tricks to generate sympathy,  health issues, others are interested, guaranteed delivery and of course the famous “god bless” at the end!

Watch out people,  I am sure once Marlene sells the Checker wagon, she’ll sell you the Brooklyn bridge at a great discount!!!!

Thanks to all who alerted our ICTA member to this scam.