We recently learned of the passing of Roy Dickinson on February 5, 2015 in Sun City, Arizona. Roy was a longtime employee of Checker Motors Corporation and editor of the Checkerboard News.

He was a very interesting character, this writer had the pleasure of working with Roy on the expansion of the Checker Taxi Stand website in 2004.  Quite a character, he had an amazing memory and was a wealth of information regarding Checker history.  He even shared a story about my actual Checker from 1956 regarding problems with transporting from Kalamazoo to Oakland, California!

Back in 1984 Joanna Hart wrote a nice article about Roy in the CMC Checker Headlight corporate newsletter.  We’re presenting in Roy’s honor.

Thirty Years and Over by Joanna Hart

Roy’s last name is Dickinson – not Dickerson, Dickman or Dixon.  It happens to be a particular peave of his so please remember everybody, the name is Dickinson.

Roy had just finished a stint in the army before coming to Checker as a Traffic Clerk.  That was 37 years ago (1947).  In 1968, he was made Traffic Director, the position that he still holds today.  For all these years he has been a very hard dedicated, hard working employee – his first concern always being of Checker.  His job entails a great amount of responsibility and there is no doubt that he is one fine Traffic Director.  Some of his work consists of documenting all incoming and outgoing products, the issuing of all shipping paper and directing and maintaining our fleet of trucks.  He was also instrumental in our getting the locomotive and he keeps track of all the rail cars and the problems that go with them.  These are only a small part of his overall job.

Roy was responsible for the last fleet of Checkers transported in March of 1983

Roy has a most interesting background.  He was born in Zion, Illinois and was the youngest of nine children.  The family is scattered across the country from the east to the west coast.  He does spend every thanksgiving with his sister in Arizona.

He has two very interesting hobbies.  His stamp collecting goes back 30 years and he has every stamp issued since 1930.  He has many sheets of stamps called “panels” and has the first one published.  His other hobby is collecting miniature liquor bottles and of these he has at least 500.  He has a sister who traveled extensively and he has bottles for almost country in the world.  These bottles come in many sizes and shapes from figures of people, houses, coffee pots, etc.

Roy’s prized Checker golf cart circa 2000 in Sun City

We all know Roy golfs and bowls, his favorite golf buddies are Orville, Adams and Schley.  If you want more information about his golfing, just ask one of his buddies and they will give you all the inside dope.

Roy, since you’re in charge of transportation, continue to keep us rolling in the right direction.