I’ve had my fun, time to build something new.
Small block Chevy 350, Vortec heads, air gap manifold, mated to a Ford (yes really) wide ratio 4spd toploader.  Suspension is stock-ish, with added roll bars and different springs, it’s been lowered a few inches.  It handles pretty well for what it is: a 4000lb whale.

It should pass tech after you replace the expired belts.  Fire system included.

Runs and drives, titled, 2 kirkey seats with belts.  It has passed emissions in the past (has cats), though at the moment it’s in as-last-raced condition (2019), meaning it’s running a little rough, and rich.  An afternoon of twiddling and some fresher gas should improve things greatly.  The classic plates just expired and I feel more interested in the next project than continuing this one.

What does it need?  Well either everything or not much depending on your perspective.  There’s hp to be had with a few changes, like getting rid of the log manifolds.  The brakes are adequate in the current configuration. The Dana 44 rear has 3.07 gears, you could probably go for 3.5ish without spinning the small block into the non-endurance zone.  I’ve done about half the work on a front brake upgrade to 13″ rotors, those parts are included.  Or you can put the car on a diet, add big power, and watch the gas gauge plummet  (Currently drinks about 9-10gal/hr, I can almost get to 2hrs before starvation issues slow you down).

It’s a fun car to toss around.  I will forever remember drifting it through the carousel at Sonoma with the (cough not cheaty cough) engine that I used to have in it, side by side with Spank’s Eldorado.

The thing gets stupid amounts of attention on the street too.  You will be hailed.  It’s good for beginners.  It would be perfect for novices with an automatic trans and a brake upgrade.  If you would prefer auto, I think I have the proper long tail TH400 for it.  Even with a cage it still seats 5 people comfortably and you can cruise in it.  It’s wrinkly and ugly, but that’s part of the appeal.

It’s in Denver.  If you’ve got skills, you can probably drive it home without too much drama, I hope, maybe, no promises.
-Though I wouldn’t recommend Wyoming in December (if you know, you know)


Contact the seller via email Rvs72@yahoo.com