From time to time, we like to share some of the photos on the ICTA Facebook page on this website.  The Facebook page is private, like other Checker Facebook groups, we do to this for various reason, but primarily to protect our members from uninvited solicitations.  Our group membership was raided back in 2015 by a competing group, that will never happen again.

If you are a member of our group, you are well aware of the tens of thousands of Checker photos that are inventoried in the hundreds of posts and photo albums that have been created since the group was started in 2008.  For those that are not members, this is a teaser blog to hopefully entice you to join our group.

Over the past four weeks, several photos have been very inspiring.  David Kniffen is an established photographer and film maker, recently he posted the header shot of this blog and well as this adorable photo of his son washing his Checker.  What better way to enjoy your Checker is there, beyond experiencing precious memories with your family?

Another great shot comes from Scott Garnett.  Again another family shot, it depicts his Checker wagon along with his wife and son.




Other ICTA members have recently post photos of their single Checker or Checker collections.  These are alway great shots as they show the results of years of passion collecting and restoring an American icon.  The photos below are from Steve Disbrowe, Stephen and Jennifer Fiorenzo, Emerson Zentz, Joe Fay, Ryan Scholl and Laddie Vitek.

Beyond the collections, the ICTA members do a great job of finding Checkers in places far away from Kalamazoo, the place where Checker were assembled.  Still serving their communities, Checkers continue to add color to the automotive scene.  The following submissions are from  Peter Fredsall,  Airman Haag and Michael Nachowicz,


As always,  ICTA members will post photos of their latest projects.  The photo below is from  Michael Marcoe and his new Checker wagon project.  Loading up and ready to provide years of Checker family fun.  We wish him the best.

These are just the few of the many photos that are being posted regularly on our Facebook page.  If you feel like joining a Checker group that is a cut above the rest, we will welcome you.  If you’re not a member, just check out this link:

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