All Checker signage has been removed from 45 Research Drive

The ICTA would like to put some perspective on all of  the cars that were recently dumped in Lawrence, Mass. They were dumped by Checker Motor Cars of Haverhill, Mass. Thankfully via Michael Ruse ‘s connections we were alerted of the major Checker event.  Based on review of the satellite photo, it’s pretty clear that Checker Motor Car’s dumped their entire stock of parts cars.

The cars circled in the satellite photo in our header picture depict the entire fleet of project and parts Checkers that have been liquidated from the Checker Motor Cars inventory.  All signage at Checker Motor Car has been removed and all remaining quality used Checkers are for sale (about six).

Given the signage has been removed and a significant amount of inventory has been dumped, it appears the Checker Motor Sales may be out of the Checker business.  Significant public relations attention was created in 2015 about the relaunch of a new Checker.  Three years later, not a single prototype has been publicly displayed or produced.

Will we ever see this produced? Highly doubtful.

Expensive plastic hood ornaments and grilles have been introduced, but it seems that we will never see a new Checker.  We have seen many artist renditions of the new Checker,  we imagine, that’s all we’ll ever see from the dubious cock and bull story perpetrated on Checker fans.  Just a bunch of pretty drawings and very little individual craving attention.

According to 495 Auto Salvagers about 5 to 10 of the approximately 30+ of the dumped Checkers have been crushed.  One wagon has been saved, let’s see if we can saved a few more.  This blog depicts 22 Checker currently on site

We just feel its important to showcase all the Checkers that were recently dumped in Lawrence, Mass.  One of only a handful of survivors may be abled to be save, these Checkers are available as a salvage car with no title.  For more information please call 495 Auto Salvagers in Lawrence, Mass. The yard can be reached directly via their web site

Contact 495 recyclers directly at 978-682-3777

Post 73 A12 Marathon rusty floor, nice seats, pretty solid overall, solid frame


Very solid post 73, no engine,


Solid frame, missing glass and front clip


Lots of parts, rusty roof


Pre 1968 Checker


Rough A12 Marathon painted as a taxi



Super Rare 1969 Handbuilt Medi-Car


Super Rare Checker UPS Package Car


Salvageable pre 1967 wagon, some surface rust, but it appears complete


Salvageable A11e Super Taxi


Stripped Aerobus, but good sheetmetal in clear view


Stripped Aerobus, again, some very nice parts including tailgate and window crank


Solid pre 1967 Marathon. Floors very good, dented hood


Post 68 A11, appears that it may have had roof work completed


Very complete Aerobus


A11e Super Cab some roof work prep performed, post 1973


Super Rare six door Aerobus


Described by two previous owners as being a solid Southwest Texas Checker


Post 73 late model Checker appears extremely solid


Another very solid Checker Aerobus


Yet again another complete and solid Checker Aerobus


Pre 1963 Superba Wagon, Continental Engine early style bumpers, starburst grille and fenders.