Its been about six months since 40 Checkers were dumped at a Lawrence, Mass crushing yard.  A lot of energy was spent trying to save as many Checker cars and parts as possible.

Back in September of 2018, there was plenty of opinions about the dumping of the Checkers.  The members of the ICTA stepped up to the task of saving as many Checkers as we could.  All in all 25% of the 40 cars have been saved.  A significant number of parts has also been save too.

Stephen and Chantal Disbrowe take delivery of their Lawrence Checker wagon in Arizonia

A special thanks goes out to Dan Smith for going the extra mile, not only did Dan buy five cars, but he also managed the salvage operation in Lawrence.

At the time of the dumping it was reported that all the cars had been stripped, that clearly turned out not to be true.   At the same time other leaders of other Checker clubs maintained that “too much fuss” was being made over these Checkers.

We posted a video of the actual crushing event.  This video has received 57,000 views on Youtube.  The ICTA Checker Taxi Stand Channel is the most popular Checker channel on the internet.   On that Channel, the website and on Facebook,  we never hesitating in saving any of the Checkers, we also were very critical of the initial dumping.

To gain perspective of what viewers think, just take a look at what people have posted about the dumping and the person who dumped these cars.  We understand what all the fuss was about.

Stev Kape3 months ago

There should be a law against wrecking old cars they should be classed as heritage.. I understand if they’re rusted out even so they should be stripped of any salvageable parts

Bob Ferranti
1 month ago

That’s just so wrong, they should be offered to the car club for free or for a greatly reduced price. I’m sure there were so many good parts left on them.

Wait, What?!4 months ago

Wow, it’s almost unbelievable that someone wasn’t waiting in line to take any of these home to restore them. Destroying those are crushing American history.

dan conlan6 months ago

that was hard to watch

Leonardo Valladares
3 months ago

🤬🤬🤬 so many parts could of been save waste

William Schwartz1 month ago (edited)

Checker cars should be auctioned off for the entire car so you can either restore it or use it as a parts donor as they are so rare and as a kid I was fortunate to have been in them with the fold down seats behind the driver and passenger seats, very sad to see them gone

Paul Palmtree
3 months ago

At some point in the future, people will look at archive film like this and say, wow did we actually do that, what a shame and such a waste. Those old yellow checker cabs were a great part of America motoring history and we just crushed them.

Robert Frendon takes delivery of a Lawrence bumper needed to restore a Clearwater, Florida Checker Taxi.

William Douglass
2 months ago

One day you guys are going to regret crushes no scabs because they are sought after and a part of history that you are erasing what a shame

Eric Kellogg3 months ago

What a shame

Robert Schumann3 months ago

That is really a shame

Angel Hernandez4 months ago

Todays people are sick dont appreciate the classics are so bad

Marlin von Aschoff2 months ago


William Douglass2 months ago

Again you’re erasing history those tabs would be sought after in a heartbeat and sold for a lot more than scrap metal what you guys are doing or destroying history I hope you’re happy with yourselves what a bunch of losers

esechucote523 months ago

very sad to watch