From: Herbert Baker Advertising, Inc.

737 North Michigan Avenue

Chicago 11, Illinois


CHECKER MOTORS CORP. is producing the only 8 passenger limousine, selling for less than $3000.00, in the world today.

CHECKER cars are available in the Superba and the Marathon series.  Both are produced side by side on the same assembly line with the famous CHECKER taxi.  In addition to 4-door sedans, station wagons are made in both series.  The station wagon has the widest deck of any wagon made, and the rear door lies flat.

The over-all length of a CHECKER is only 199.5 inches…..somewhat shorter than the average American car.  The wheelbase is a full 120 inches for maximum stability and comfort.  CHECKER pioneered and perfected the use of the wide track, and CHECKER cars continue to feature it. Rear overhang is keep to a minimum.  Doors are unusually wide, in keeping with CHECKERS principles of functionalism and comfort.

The use of two auxiliary seats with the sedan increases seating to accommodate 8 adults, and there is still more than ample hip room and leg room.  Floors are flat.

CHECKER cars offer exceptional advantages to large families, and they have found favor too with businesses that require “purpose-built” cars.  Extra space, heavy-duty performance, and economical operation point up a Checker’s value to salesmen, farmers, municipalities, and service organizations.  Factory prices on the Superba 4-door sedan starts at $2,542.42: on the Superba station wagon at $2,896.37.  The Maraton is factory priced from $2,650.02 for the sedan, and from $3,003.97 for station wagon.  The Checker is built in Kalamazoo Michigan.

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