In 2009 N.Y. Cab began offering service on Clearwater Beach with two Vintage Checker Cabs.  The cars were icons of New York City, and hence the name N.Y. Cab. Later the first Limo went into service and N.Y. Cab & Limo Co. became the official name.

Tired of hearing from his guests and staff about how other cab companies were “ripping off the tourists” by hitting the $1.00 fuel surcharge button repeatedly, jacking up fares, showing up in old former cop cars that were filthy and often had drivers that smelled badly, spoke little English, or simply taking people the “long way” to their destination. Entrepreneur John Didomizio  decided to do something about it.



The “Fix” was to start a real competing cab company and simply drive the shady operators off the beach. Putting his money where his mouth is, and being a collectable car enthusiast. John had two vintage Checker Cabs shipped down from Canada and “opened the doors” with a policy of first class service. To this day, most often drivers will open and close the car door for you. The first reason is service – the second reason is to make sure passengers in the old Checker Cabs are secure and the heavy steel doors are in fact closed properly.


Next in the line up came two very nice Lincoln Town Cars. The Checker Cabs are costly to maintain, and as they are antiques parts can be difficult to find. In the blink of an eye – two additional Lincoln Town Cars were added into service. In the first six months 6 cars were in operation. The resorts on Clearwater Beach and neighboring islands started to take notice. They could call X -Taxi company and spin the roulette wheel who may show up. Or call NY Cab & Limo… who would show up in a clean nice vehicle and not rip off their guests.


Almost overnight, N.Y. Cab & Limo Co. became a success. The reason is clear. Clean Cabs – Quality drivers, and no game playing with the meters. Says John Didomizio, ”  It is not that we did anything re-markedly well – we just set out to offer a quality taxi service, and did things they way they should be done”. Today the fleet has grown to include 30+ vehicles – Lincoln Town Cars, Checker Cabs – including the WAY COOL – twin (2) Checker station wagons; a very rare find fully restored.  3 Lincoln Limo’s and 2 Party Buses offer visitors and locals additional options for parties, weddings, and special events. Most recently after extensive searching the past few years a 1967 Checker Aero bus was located and is currently being restored.

Our classic antique Checker collection is one of the largest in the world! NY Cab & Limo Co. now is also the largest operating Checker Cab fleet in North America. Today, tourists will find NY cabs everywhere, and never more then 5 minutes away on the northern Gulf Beaches or City of Clearwater. That is our History and we are pround of it, and where we are going!


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