More than five years later than the deadline set by Congress, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has finally released for publication the policy that will enable the return of vehicles that look like those that have been out of the market for at least 25 years.

You can read and download the final rules from the NHTSA website. They span 105 pages.

Initial announcement of the new Checker in 2015 in Hemmings Motor News.

Reborn Checker production expected to begin in 2018 | Hemmings

The regulations will permit what are called “low-volume motor vehicle manufacturers” to produce as many as 325 replica cars, turnkey vehicles (with engines in place) as opposed to kit cars (sold without engines), per year.

New six door Checker expected in 2023

As soon as the requirements were released Checker Motor Cars of Haverhill, Mass was quick to announce that new Checkers will be back on the road and be back in production by the end of Summer, just in time for the premier showing at the Checker Car Club of America’s 2022 show in Springfield, Illinois.

Initially expected to be released in 2018, according to the Checker Motor Cars the delay in production was due to the delayed release of requirements.  Checker CEO Steve Contarino said his plans to reintroduce the Checker have not changed despite the delay caused by the NHTSA.

For more information on the new Checker, check out the recent blog on Checker World.  Checker World is your go to source for the most up to date current news on the Checker car hobby!  Soon, new blogs on this dormant website will chronicle new Checker production.

Checker Car Club Blog – CCCoA Blog – Checker World Blog

To place your order for a New Checker, check out the Checker Motor Cars company website.  Here’s the link!

Checker Motor Cars

Staging of new Checker production has already started.  This is an exciting time for the Checker hobby!








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