ICTA tops the list on the internet for Checker classifieds

At 4300 Internet hits a week the ICTA website is still the most active Checker Cab based website on the planet.  Do a Google search on “Checker Marathon For Sale” and our website is the number one listing,  popping up in less than a half a second!

It took about three years of effort to create the level of volume currently moving thru our website. Its very rewarding to know that the ICTA is now in the number one Google position.   It was not always the case.

How did we do it?  Hard and tireless work scouring the internet using various proprietary tools that allowed for full view of the internet.   Today, our Checker listings are primarily sourced from Craig’s List,  Ebay, Facebook Marketplace among others.  We also have a significant number of cars coming via email channels.  The email channel of  Checkers are not typically found on the normal sourcing channels, That’s the ICTA difference.

It’s free to list your Checker on our site, no listing fees or commission.  This provides the Checker owners with an ability to get optimum views at no cost. Allowing them to make a larger profit when a Checker seller eventually puts their Checker on the market.

Note that the Google search did not showcase any other Checker clubs,  social media or proprietary sites like Craig’s List,  basically these channels do not provide optimum viewing or a broad geographic footprints to ranked them in a Google search.   These channels are generally “local” in nature.  Our site covers the globe.

Its interesting to note that the Checker World classified advertising has not been updated since August and only lists two Checkers as of today.  As a matter of fact,  the Checker World website has not been updated with blog content since 2018,  strange considering that the CCCofA charges dues to maintain this web site?  Most likely, due to this inactivity, a new Marketplace has been established by CCCofA members on Facebook.  Perhaps those members were frustrated with the dormant CCCofA Checker World site?

We’re happy to announce that a new Checker Classified source has been created on Facebook.  Called The Classic Checker Cab Marketplace, it too is a free a channel to list Checkers for sale on Facebook.  It will never pop up on a Google search,  but it does provide CCCofA members with an alternative to the dormant CCCofA Checker World classified secton.

With just a mere 100 members in the group, it unlikely to make a big dent in internet hits,  but the ICTA will be monitoring daily to see if there are any Checkers for sale that can be placed on our website.

That said It appears that the Checkers currently listed in the new Checker Facebook Marketplace were sources directly from our website.   We did pickup one listing today that had not been on our site.

Over the last three years we have built a registry of used Checkers for sale, so this new Facebook marketplace will help us continue to refine our registry.  To date we have cataloged close to 500 Checker listings since 2017.

We’re also glad to see this new group take advantage of our website.  It helps put Checkers out to a broader audience of folks who don’t use our ICTA site. That’s what its all about right?  Getting people involved with Checkers!

Here’s a link to the new Checker Facebook Marketplace





No other Checker Club related activity or website compares to the ICTA! Over 4300 hits a week!