As many folks are aware this is the 100th anniversary of the introduction of Checker Cab production, its will be important that we reflect on all Checker Cabs produced between 1922 and 1982.  Most folks are well aware of the 1958-1982 Checker Cab, but pre 1958 Checker Cabs are very rare and little detail information exists to assist in restoration.  Given it’s the 100th anniversary the ICTA wants to give a big shout-out to the folks currently restoring some very rare Checkers in Finland.

Our Checker friend Hannu Kyttänen and many members of the Finland Checker club have completed the restoration of one Checker A2,  they now  have started another restoration of one of the 1948 Checker Model A2 imported from Chicago in 1950. If all goes to plan, three complete Checker A2 will survive in Finland.

With 3 Checker A2’s in Finland and two additional Checkers (an A3 and A4) in the US, its quite possible that four run post war will be running and operational in the 100th anniversary in 2022.  The folks in Finland have been instrumental in the restoration of the A4 and A3 in the US.  For over ten years this writer and Hannu have been collaborating and sharing information and parts for these super rare Checkers.  Most recently we have been coordinating on luggage racks.  Hannu has shared his most recent progress.

According to Hannu,  the project moves slowly, …but it still moves. Most recently the team has made two slightly different luggage rack prototype models using wood bars and plastic tubes.

Hannu thinks he will make the rack by using tubes. It will be five rectangles wide and three rectangles long even it looks like an old bed’s bottom.  The luggage rack brackets will be built to the same specifications as the brackets on the Fay A4 Checker Cab.  Dimensions of the rack for the A2 and A4 are virtually the same.   Total height of the rack measured from the bottom of the bracket to the back end of the platform is 20 inches.  Steel tubing or round rod will be 5/8 of an inch.

Hannu has provided so photos of the several prototype rack model be tested on the A2 project currently underway

Photo 1 Header An A3 model type rack except under bar and tapes and the rack is installed in the wrong way round.

Photo 2. Rack with sharp frame corners like in Checker A2 brochure and in the black/white photo except all the other bars are round.

Photo 3. Rack model made by plastic tube. We think to do that model even the A3 rack is the more beautiful version?

Photo 4. Bumper bars side by the rack like in the YouTube film.

Photo 5. Bumper bars in the ends of the bumper like in the brochure and in the black/white photo.

Photo 6 The A4 luggage rack, Hunna has complete drawings and metrics for the mounting bracket via global coordination.

Please note that according to Hannu, the working Checker Model A2 project is for sale.  He would really to see the someone take over this project.  In the mean time he will continue to work on the project.  If you’re interested in purchasing the work-in-process please contact the ICTA at the email at the top right of this blog.