The videos only description is as follows.  “The restoration of the 1978 Checker Taxi Cab that was used in the Taxi TV Series. The restoration by Todd Harroun – Kalamazoo, MI.”

A great video, we love to showcase all the Checker videos shared to the public on Youtube.  The Checker Taxi Stand channel on Youtube is the most popular Checker Cab channel on the internet.  We’re very proud of the videos we have produced for the greater Checker Cab fan audience.  We did not produce this video, but are more than happy to share.

Bare bones stripped look not consistent with the TV show car

This video appears to be a simple photographic pan and scan exercise that depicts the restoration of one of the many Checkers used on the 1980’s television situation comedy shows “TAXI”.

A complete video of the restoration, the video starts with archive video lifted directly from the Paramount Pictures TV show.  We assume that the video producer has permission from Paramount to use their intellectual property.

The video is very interesting, once establishing the car, is the actual car used in the TV show, the video documents the restoration.  The restoration itself is quite interesting, the car was literally remanufactured.

Unfortunately, any true Checker fan, has to wonder if this restoration is purely an example of more money than brains?  On has to assume that the car will never be as valuable as the money spent restoring.

Its also unfortunate that the car was not actually restored to appear like it did in the TV show.  The final restoration presents the car with a bare bones look versus the high end A11 look of the car on the show.

Presenting Cab 804,  Its a hard video to watch, just because the music sucks royally.  We at the ICTA suggest turning down the volume.