Note the two horizontal frame bars

We recently received a message from ICTA member Bruce Uhrich regarding the Greenlight 1/64 scale diecast Checkers

“I got my UPS Checker yesterday and I noticed an interesting point of comparison.  If you look at the bottom of the model (the frame) you will see two pieces that are not part of the frame (odd angles).  This matches the frame on the 1:18 Sun Star models.  So Greenlight copied the frame outline from Sun Star.  What does this mean?  The Sun Star model was a car owned by Joe Pollard.  He told me several years ago that the odd cross pieces on the car that was measured by Sun Star were added by him to stabilize the frame.  So the mistake has been perpetuated.  Is this mistake on other Greenlight models?”

The answer is in the picture below.  Note both the Greenlight UPS and 1972 A12 have the same errors.  Two horizontal bars in 1/64 scale!  Kinda funny that a welding job performed by Joe Pollard some twenty years ago has been immortalized in diecast models!

1975 Checker Frame Illustration with emission devices