A message from ICTA member and Facebook moderator Dan Smith:

Ok everyone I am running out of time here. Friday night I’m done. If you want a car or parts pull the trigger now. Getting what I can for everyone, 495 Auto Salvagers have a small lot and need the space for winter. They share their lot with a towing company so these are on borrowed time. I’m also working with a new broker for shipping, a few will wind up in Arizona but still need to find homes for the rest of the parts and cars

These are sold, but others are waiting for buyers!

You wait you lose. I am pulling jump seats and other goodies so act fast first come first serve. There are lots of  A12E models with good doors if you want spares. There are some good project or parts cars still left. Lots of Aerobus parts.  Front and rear bumpers with bracket $250 or best offer plus shipping they need to be rechromed and one has a dent.  The Aerobus in the header is solid and $1000.00.

Clock is ticking, let me know soon . The good cars will be parted out. So if you want one speak up now. They aren’t saving much. If you think you need or want a spare this is it.  I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone if you got a hold of me and I haven’t gotten back to you please send me another message I don’t want to forget anyone. This is a huge undertaking I have going, if I forgot to get to you I apologize.

Call or text Dan at 602-818-1831