Years ago, Checker collector and fan Bruce Urhich gifted this writer with a vintage New York City taxicab medallion.  So rare, the cherished item is safe in my taxicab collection in my basement.  So rare, this writer would never risk losing it by mounting in on the Checker, so a mold was made in latex, in order to create a resin duplicate that could be safely mounted on my 1950 Checker Model A Taxicab.

This past weekend, I forgot to remove the resin medallion on my Checker prior to being shipped home to Toledo, and as bad luck would have it, the resin medallion was lost in transit.  Thank goodness, it was only a resin copy, can you imagine the heartbreak of losing the real medallion.

So today, in less than 12 hours a new resin copy was fabricated.  This blog will serve as sort of a How-To blog

Step one, find the latex mold

mix resin

Pour resin into mold

Let cure in the mold

Pull and release from mold after about 30 minutes

Tape to the body to form the proper curve, and let cure

Trim and Test Fit and bolt end

Attache Magnetic Tape to the back of the medallion

Mount center bolt with expoxy

Paint with Metallic Nickle Paint

Mount on hood