This years Macungie event was canceled due to COVID,  Bruce Uhrich has put together a great montage of photos over the years.  Always a great event for true Checker friends to enjoy the prized rides.  

I went through my files of pictures taken at Macungie which start with 2005. My comment for the group is that Das Awkscht Fescht (The August Festival) was not only a Checker gathering started by Don McHenry, but also an annual get together of friends. The header photo from 1994 is my son Matt and I with my 1967 Marathon. The 2009 photo was the last heavy rain event when the show was closed at 10am.

George Lukas, Don McHenry and Bruce Uhrich

Jim Rogers ad Victor Coiro

Victor Coiro ad the late George Luckas

Rainy 2009 The Lukas’s, McHenry’s and Uhrichs

Mr. and Mrs. Doug Klauck, George Lukas and Matt Uhrich

Bill Hosfield, Christinan Hutter, Victor Coiro and Jim Rogers

Michael Angelich, Joe Fay and Bruce Uhrich 2016


Christian Hutter, Joe Fay, en Merkel and Pete Talanca at the Music Festival prior to the show. 2019

As an added bonus, here’s a video from 2019.  Hopefully, things will be back to normal for 2021.

A video from 2017 with Michael Pincus