Bruce Uhrich has passed on the sad news that Checker fan George Lukacs from Virginia passed away.  According to Bruce, George was very active and over the last 20 years: always attended the Das Awkscht Fescht show at Macungie.  While at the PA. show George and his wife Estana would present their original 1970 Marathon  and then vacation at their cabin in the Poconos.  Bruce wrote “I remember George has a very pleasant man who always had a scrapbook with pictures to share.  We will miss him at Macungie on August 5th this year.”   The header picture by Bruce is from 2014, George and Estana with fellow ICTA member Doug Klauck.   This writers had several conversations with George over the years,  past conversations indicated that George was an early adopter of Checker’s.  Before buying his 70 Checker, George had owned several used Checker taxicabs acquiring as far back as 1960.  His family is in the process of selling his Checker, for information please contact Tony Mattern at

For over twenty-five years George always displayed his 1970 Checker at Das Awkscht


ITCA Facebook members might find this video humorous,  Bruce Uhrich guides George into a tight place at Das Awkscht in 2017