Writer Casey Newton recently published a fascinating blog on The Verge regarding plagiarism on Facebook.  Here is a link to Casey’s blog

The most popular posts on Facebook are plagiarized – The Verge

Page 30 and 31 lifted from Checker The All-American Taxi

Casey, performed an extensive analysis of the top 20 posts for one quarter of 2021.  Based on the analysis, Casey found some interesting nuggets of information.  According to Casey “Facebook’s report details the top 20 most widely viewed posts on the network over the past three months. One of the posts was deleted before Facebook published it. Of the remaining 19, though, only four appear to have been original. The remaining 15 had been published in at least one other place first, and were then re-uploaded to Facebook, sometimes with small changes.

Based on this analysis Newton comes to the belief that: the majority of these top posts were essentially plagiarized.

One of the more troubling conclusions Newton reports was  “There’s something else in the data that bothers me — something that hints at some of the darker forces in the ecosystem. The plagiarists who dominate Facebook’s top 20 links are likely doing it primarily for clout and ill-gotten audience growth. But some of the other characters here appear to have more direct monetary incentives.

Kuczynski is now bashing the book he plagiarized!

Now why are we discussing this on the ICTA website?   The answer:  the ICTA is regularly plagiarized on Facebook, the most recent event happened this past weekend.  Entire sections of our history blog and the representative photos appeared on a Facebook post attributed to Kevin Kuczynski.  Mr. Kuczynski posted significant portions of the Model D blog published in 2015, both on the ICTA history blog and the book Checker The All-America Taxi.

Mr. Kuczynski was challenged, and of course being the disgusting human being he is, he accused this writer of plagiarizing my own work.  No appologies,  In his response it appeared that he was trying to make the claim that he stole work that had already been stolen?  Having the maturity of an eight-year-old, rather than manning-up, he blocked me on Facebook and has since started to post more of my content on Facebook and derogatory statements.

Now challenged, Mr. Kuczynski has started a campaign to bash the book, Checker The All-American Taxi.  isn’t it Ironic, that he would bash the very book he palgiarized?  Yet, in a classic example of someone with a boarder line personality disorder, Mr. Kuczynski has launched a new campaign,  further lifting text and photos from the ICTA website and reposting on Facebook.

This writer has no issue with people sharing or posting ICTA blogs on Facebook.  Wholesale copying and pasting web content is just plain wrong.  Its theft, and clearly Mr.  Kuczynski has an agenda.

Demonstrating his real writing capabilities, Mr Mr. Kuczynski posted on Facebook.  “Worst book written on Checker cars IMHO, Fay stinks”.  Well now we can see his true writing talent, when he not plagiarizing, it appears that he is actually a functional illiterate.  Can you imagine Uncle Tom McCahill using the acronym IMHO?

Reports have been made to Facebook, but if history repeats itself, it highly unlikely that Facebook will do anything to resolve the matter.

Kuczynski’s Linkedin profile 

So, who is Mr. Kevin Kuczynski?  Well,  according to his linkedin profile, Mr Kuczynski is a “Freelance Blogger”.   Ironically, we could not find any actual websites that publish his blogs?  Here at the ICTA, we’re of the opinion that he’s a plagiarizer, and it  appears he’s a fraud too.

According to his linked in profile, he has three followers,  so it pretty clear, he’s not a real internet/social media influencer.  He’s a total phoney wannabe.  He’s not published, he does not have a website, and he has no following.

But to really understand who Mr. Kuczynski is, you can find your answer in the Casey Newton plagiarism blog.  Mr. Kevin Kuczynski is a sad pathetic man who is trying to build “clout” on Facebook by presenting other people’s automotive historical content as his own.  He lives in a drab little house, drives a crappy Chrysler Cordoba and plagiarizes.  Thats the kind of guy he is.

Peace Out Mr. Kevin Kuczynski

Post Script   Here’s a link to the Model D blog first published in 2015

The Stillborn Model D Post War Prototype – Internet Checker Taxicab Archive (icta.club)

UPDATE 07/09/2022

Facebook has indeed removed the plagiarized Facebook posts.

Word for Word Plagiarism courtesy of Blogger Mr Kevin Kuczynski