Just a quick update on the Joe Pollard/Dan Smith fleet of Checkers.  Since the passing of both Joe and Dan, many have womdered what has happened to the fleet of cars.  Here’s a quick update.

Post Joe’s passing.  Dan Smith spent a significant amount of funds transfering the fleet from Mojave, California to Phoenix, Arizona.  At the time the fleet represented about 75 Checker in various states of conditions, from show cars to parts cars.

The move from the Mojave Dessert

Initially Dan sold off about ten vehicles to settle he the estates Finances. Additionally Dan, scrapped about 15 Checkers that were essentially down to barebones, very damage and unusable.  Down to about 50 cars Dan then started the transition to Arizona.  In addition to vehicles, Dan also moved about 10 to 15 containers full of Checker parts to Arizona along with the Checkers.

Once in Arizona,  Dan started to further sell of the fleet and scrap additional parts, bringing the fleet down to about 35 cars.  Several vehicles were sold on Ebay, but many were also purchased in private sales with ICTA members.

Upon Dan’s death, all of the vehicles essentially passed to Dan’s family.  Via a network of Checker friends and family, a new exercise to widdle down the fleet has started.  The family is keeping some of Dan’s favorites cars:  his Ford CV and old blue Checker, other cars have been sold.

The photos in this blog represent a transfer of about 15 to 20 Checkers moving up north to Wisconsin to several private collectors. A big thank you goes out to the nameless ICTA members who assisted the Smith family for supporting a significant effort in moving and selling off the fleet.

Editor Note: The ICTA is not disclosing the names of the various buyers, for privacy purposes.


One of the 30+ cars scrapped prior to the Mojave move

Wisonsin bound