Back in March,  ICTA member Joe Dollard posted the following:

Big news for our old friend! The beloved Checker went to the Austin Speed Shop today for some modern updates and love. Entire front suspension will be replaced with an IFS, rack and pinion steering, disc brakes, and rear end replacement with a Ford 9″. The car will also be lowered about 3″. Fuel injection will be added along with a new high pressure fuel pump in the tank. Interior will be gutted for a new tan leather interior instead of our old funky blue vinyl. Body will be refreshed and resprayed with a fresh coat of black.

Here’s Joe’s most photographic update with narratives.   Joe’s clearly performing an highend, restoration and the result will be something to be proud of.  The following is from Joe’s most recent update.

Car was dropped almost 3″ in the front and back. It still isn’t very low as it was way up in the air before. New smoothie 16″ rims to replace the old 15″ with a baby moon. Rim will be painted a tan to match the interior. Also, we are going to paint the middle of the side trim tan.

New stance on the back. Almost the entire wheel used to show.

Trailer hitch installed so we can tow the windsurfing trailer. It’s a Drawtite hitch that was modified to fit the frame.

New leather interior going in courtesy of Zach Black, Custom Upholstery. He is an artist with a sewing machine and is blowing us away with his work. We ordered an entirely new front seat and he sculpted in foam and then covered it in leather.


He covered the front dash in leather and did some beautiful stitching along the front. He also custom made some new defrost vents.

Back armrests were refoamed and covered in leather.

Rear package tray was made new and he sculpted a nice, raised area for the speakers.

Very nice, German wool carpet. The carpet we had before was fuzzy and loose.

New wool headliner. The picture isn’t very good but it’s really soft, quiet, and luxurious.

Trunk was redone with the wool carpet on the sides and a removable piece of aviation material on the bottom so we can unsnap it and remove it for cleaning.

Dash is being painted black to match the car. The old interior was blue. The new interior will be black and tan. Old radio opening was too big and I had to use a big, ugly plastic plate to close it up. They welded a piece back in and cut a new opening to fit my radio. Also the a/c vents used to be blocked off and unused. My old a/c was a big underdash unit that had it’s own fan. The new unit is up and inside the dash and will blow out the dash. New little ball vents will be mounted in the holes and new controls will be fitted in the dash.
Thanks to Joe for providing some great shots.  More to follow!