A recent photo from Finland in the heard, one has to wonder if this video is of the same cars some 40 years later?   2022 photo by Elias Valkki.


We received an email from Hannu Kyttänen, the car at the Lati Show and the Checker Model A2 in the video is one in the same.  Some 40 years later! According to Hannu  “Yes, the Lahti show Checker is the same Checker that is in the YouTube Burnout video. In Lahti’s videos you can see “sticker” temporary number plates on Checker bumpers. We needed the plates and insurance because we drove the Checker down from the trailer and then into the show hall. And when the show was over, a couple of hundred meters to the loading area where the trailer was located. I think in a legal sense we were in a: grey area.

Great to know another Model A2 survives and is in fact, still running!!!!