Members of the Internet Checker Taxicab Archive had a fun weekend viewing and bidding on the Ron Hackenberger vintage car collection.   The event generated over 1.67 million dollars in sales a little over a week ago.  Who was Ron Hackenberger?


Ron Hackerberger started collecting cars in 1962.  Ron’s first purchase was a 1948 Studebaker, which he bought when he was 15, with a loan from his grandfather.

Apart from more than 250 vehicles made by Studebaker, the collection includes Hudsons, Kaisers and Packards, British and Italian roadsters, and French cars such as Citroen DSs and 2CVs, also a DeLorean and a Bricklin SV-1. His muscle cars include a 1965 Ford Mustangs, a 1966 Dodge Chargers, and a 1967 Plymouth Barracudas.


Michael Pincus climbs the Studebaker ladder


There were microcars, such as Crosleys, Nash Metropolitans and Goggomobils, Honda N600s and Z600s and a BMW Isetta. There were 1940s era motorcycles, John Deere tractors, Jaguars, and a Cadillac ambulance, that looks like it came “straight out of Ghostbusters”.

Also included in his collection of orphan cars are eight Checkers! All needing restoration, some were quite rare. When was the last time you saw a six door Aerobus up for sale?

Hackenberger had originally hoped to open a museum to display his car collection, before deciding to sell them as his dream of building a museum became a challenge.  Apparently Hackenberger did not store all of his cars in one location, the vehicles were scattered all over the country in the north and the south.  Many were stored outside in Minnesota.  Which appeared to be the case with the Hackenberger Checkers.

The challenge for the auction house was to get all the vehicles to Norwalk. Ohiofor the auction.  Can you imagine the logistics of moving 750 collector cars.  The auction took place at the Summit Motorsports Speedway.  While the auction was running, visitors could enjoy a 1000 car antique, hot rod and custom car show.  There was also an opportunity to take in a series of drag races.

ICTA member John Roos, Ben Merkel, Pete Talanca, Michael Pincus, Steve Contarino and Joe Fay were at the two day event held on July 15th.  A great archivist, John Roos diligently sought out every Checker and documented the vehicle.  The following is a brief narrative on each car along with a picture. All info will be entered into the ICTA roster.

Car number 231, 1967 Checker Aerobus 8 door Limo.  Serial Number A12W8M55288433.   $2250.00

This appeared to be a very solid and straight blue wagon.  A couple of missing windows, there were some extra windows lying on the rear seats.  The only issues beyond standard old car rot was that each door was equipped with hardware store type door latches to keep the doors closed!  Decals on the car indicated that part of its commercial service was in Chicago.

Car number 231R, 1967 Checker Aerobus 8 door Limo.  Serial Number A12W6M6522567.   $2750.00

A very rare six door Aerobus, this Checker seemed to be very straight and the interior was nice, but needed a major cleaning.  The stance was weird as it seemed to sit very high above the five lug nut wheels.

Car number 232R, 1969 Checker Aerobus 8 door Limo.  Serial Number A12W55289435.   $1750.00

The roughest Aerobus it yielded the lowest price.  Very straight this Checker still needed alot of help.  Headlights doors were missing the interior was a mess.  The limo equipped with door latches most likely purchased at ACE Hardware to hold the doors open.  Left quarter glass was missing.  In the back luggage compartment, a massive air conditioner was tucked up into the roof.

Car number 233R, 1974 Checker A11 Taxicab.  Serial Number A111634445383  $2250.00

One of the worst Checkers at the show, this car was deceiving.  It looked great in pictures and even standing 5 feet away.  Closer inspection yielded rusty floors and rear passenger seating area under the rear quarter windows.  Equipped with a Chevy six cyclinder, it was unclear and painted black, it was unclear it this car had performed actual taxi service.

Car number 234R, 1965 Checker Marathon Wagon.  Serial Number A12W495129340.  $1750.00

Equipped with a 327 Chevy engine, this was best Checker wagon at the auction.  The interior was pretty messy and paint was a mess, but no significant rust could be found.  This vehicle should really be saved considering that fewer that 100 wagons survive within the ICTA registry.

Car number 235, 1964 Checker Marathon Wagon.  Serial Number A12W583814313.  $1000.00

Equipped with an inline Continental six cylinder engine, perhaps the roughest of the wagons, this car had a dent in every fender, not very straight, which would explain the overall low cost.

Car number 6XX, 1962 Checker Marathon Superba.  Serial Number A10W463651288.  $700.00

Pretty awful overall condition, for this day two auction Checker.  That said, it was a very desirable A10 Superba. It was also equipped with the taller 1958-1962 front fenders with a starburst grille.  Hopefully this one will be save as it is perhaps the rarest of all other than the six door Aerobus.

Saturday Red Wagon video, if you’re member of the ICTA, just click on the link below to take a video tour of the wagon.

Bidding was lackluster and within 10 minutes on day 1 six Checker went under the gavel.  Longterm its unclear how this will boad for the hobby.

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