Time to share more archive photographs! How about a series of photos from several periods of Checker’s 60 years of automotive production? Many of you are familiar with the archive here on the internet, but did you know there is more?

We have over 10,000 photos in hundreds of photo albums, its where we keep the good stuff, on the ICTA Facebook group.  If you want to see the full albums, you’ll have to join the group. Our group is exclusive, not everybody can get in, if you would like to be a member, please contact us at the email at the top right portion of the screen.

Early Checker factory photos, submitted for your approval, fenders in the paint room and wood body fabrication. Back in the twenties Checker would fabricate their own wooden bodies by hand. Metal stamping was limited to: fenders, hood, cowl and running boards.

Within our Facebook archive you will be able to find photos taken in 1950 by noted photographer Jane McCowan.  McCowan’s photographic career ranges from early work for Macy’s in Paris and New York in the 1950s to portrait photography late in her career. She has often been noted for her technical mastery, but her work is at times seen as social history as much as fashion photography. In the summer of 1950, a guest of the Markins, Ms. McCowan spent the day in the plant photographing Checker activities.

The quality of the photos in the archive range from spectacular to pretty awful, but if it depicts a Checker and might bring enjoyment to whomever views it, we’ll put it up in the archive. A good example of some “not so great photos” are the photo scraped from screen shots. Back in about 1953 Checker filmed operations assembling Checker Model A5s. We have scraped photo of assembly and have posted in the ICTA albums.

That said the majority of photos are of great quality. Perhaps the best example are photos that come from Connie Wilson Powers and husband David Powers. Connie is the daughter of Steve Wilson former CMC Head of Procurement and a CMC board members. The Powers have been very gracious and have submitted many photos from Steve’s collection to the ICTA archive.

Here are two CMC factory photos, first inner fender stamping, both the finished product and the unstamped sheetmetal blank. Also on display is an overhead shot of a Model A8 roof stamping coming out of the stamping machine.

It’s been very challenging trying to find photos of the factory from later years. It seems that when profit margins were low at the tail end of automotive production, funds spent on promotional photos must have been limited. Thanks to Christian Hutter, the archive has screen shots from the film “Blue Collar”. All staged photo for a cinematic drama, the photos do depict Checkers in a real Kalamazoo plant. We have about twenty photos in the archive. The photo are spectacular.


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