ICTA member Jeff Detweiler has purchased another! Checker.  According to Jeff  “So this happened today…..I decided to do my part and rescue one that was heading for the crusher soon. 1967 A12E, with a V8/Automatic. Doesn’t appear to have jumpseats in it….not sure if they were there or not…its’ got a fair amount of stuff in it, so have to clean it out. Pretty much all there…missing one headlamp rim ( could be in it someplace ) drivers door glass, trunk lock handle, spare tire and horn ring. It was sitting in a salvage yard for the past several years, so it’s pretty grungy. Seems to have had a fair bit of work done…almost new dual exhaust all the way back, looks like maybe some rear axle/brake work too. Will see if I can get her running and cleaned up. It’s pretty solid overall….the bottoms of the rockers are pretty toasty, but the pillars and inner rockers are all solid looking. Bottom of the hood is typical rust through. Floors don’t show any rust through from underneath, except the kick panel on the drivers side. Rear body panel, upper quarters, upper and lower fenders all solid, and the frame appears to be as well.

We wish Jeff the best of luck.