With over 4600 Facebook impressions for the month of April, the ICTA Facebook page is still the most popular Checker fan based experience on Facebook. Our page has more Facebook impressions than all other Checker related Facebook pages combined! This little blog is a summary of the of the Facebook posts from last week, for the benefit of many of our email members, who are not active Facebook members.  We had 63% member participation in April.

As always, Bill Crawford has been sharing photographs of his Checkers. The photos are always inspiring. We’re all still gushing over the blue wagon.

Daniel Smith was very active during the month,  unfortunately Daniel had a tough time Saturday night and posted the resulting tow truck photo’s

As always used parts pop up daily on the Facebook wall.  Our resourceful members constantly scour the internet for Checker parts and cars, either on Facebook or other website.  If they don’t need the items, our members typically post on the ICTA Facebook wall to help other members.  Kaelan Benjamin Bentham found and shared this great Checker on the wall.

This writer posted bumpers found on Craig’s list.

Rick Hewatt’s Facebook profile describes him as a: Family Man, Taxicab Company Owner, World Class BBQ PItmaster! Lover of life. Well let’s add ICTA member to the description. Rich posted a great picture of his Atanta Checker Cab!

Also in the transit business, rail, bus and Checker cabs is ICTA member Emerson Zentz and as he does quite often, he posted a great picture one of his buses and Checker cabs.

As always, we try to post relevant videos of Checkers,  how about a video of Dean Martin with Bob Newhart in an old Checker A9 from the old Dean Martin show?  Yes, it was on our page last week.

Check click on the Checker to see the video

Our Midwestern TV and movie car guy Chuck Turley posted a great shot of one of his Checkers being worked on in a Chicago shop. Future movie work?

Mario Dubuc has to win an award for the most unbelievable custom Checker. Thankfully ICTA member are getting regular updates of the special BMW V12 FrankenChecker on our Facebook page. This past week, Mario posted photos and a video!

Stephen Disbrowe has been having fun with his Checker throughout the month of April. Stephen work a wedding this past weekend. Additionally Stephen posted about his Checker being used for a Heart Radio and United Airlines campaign. Checkers are beloved in the UK.

This writer was able to go to one show in April, the Larry Roesch Chrysler show in Elmhurst, Ilinois. It was great to to see other ICTA members. Doug Hallberg and Greg Reynolds. Greg snapped a great shot of the Model A4 and of course it was posted it on Facebook.

Being an archive the ICTA promotes the history of Checker Cab. We’ve found that regular posts such as our Checker Cab Picture of Day is a great way to promote the Checker Cab hobby. The header photo of Ben Merkel’s Checker was a picture of the day last week. The picture below posted last week of various military Checker trailers is a great example of preserving history.

Facebook is about friends. In April we made two new friends with a very interesting Checker project. Scott Richards and Tiago Castro shared with us their parting and restoration projects and even traded some items, they’re right on track for the Checker hobby.

Tiago Castro posted these great shots of a 1922 Checker Model C out in California.


As stated Facebook is about friends. We’re a closed group, some may not understand why, but we’re here for the good Checker fans, not the folks with agendas.  If you seek to take advantage of our members and rip them off, then please join the other Checker groups. If you want to participate in the other inferior groups, then this may not be the right group for you to join.

We take great pains to protect our members and those who would harm this great group and our great members.  We create a exciting daily Checker experience, we’re not a part time club, that shills for an annual show, we talk Checkers every day.

If you want to join the fun, just click on the Facebook link below.