The following is a classic example of how not to sell a Checker.  This Checker has been for sale for about 8 weeks.  Good Checkers priced fairly are flying off the market quickly.  The current ad reads as follows:

“Selling my 1969 checker 4 Dr it has a 350 v8 and torbo 400 transmission 5 new Hancock tires it does have some rust in the floor board and trunk but it’s all easy to fix I’m selling to pay bills. 918-616-1605.”

It’s unfortunate that this individual has to sell a Checker to pay bills, and this writer feels empathy for anyone in this position, but if this car is seriously for sale a number of issues have to be addressed.

  1.  Price, way too high at $7K given the condition, there are Checkers on the market in better condition for half the price.
  2. Condition, rust noted …..but considered easy to repair.  Well, if it’s so easy to repair, why has it not been done?
  3. Photos, poor quality and not enough to truly display the Checker’s condition.  Additionally the photo are all taken from about 30 feet away, a telltale sign that the car has issues.
  4. For $7500 price tag, the car should be clean and free of all dirt and clutter. A little elbow grease goes a long way

Good luck sellers, buyers beware.


This has been crop by the editor, yet it still seems that the Checker is 30 feet from the camera



Non cropped photo show dirt and clutter. Bad photo.